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Have A Healthy Happy National Women's Month

Posted by Rhonda DeYampert on

TGIF! It’s been a full month starting with National Women’s History Month.  We’ve had to Spring Forward with a time change, then St. Patrick’s Day, and on Sunday, it will officially be the first day of Spring, but that’s in a couple more days. So, in the meantime,


You all know how passionate I am about healthy hair care and you’ve been listening to me go on about making good choices (which you can fiind here!).  Let me share with you two health studies regarding the health and well-being of African American Women.

The first is the Black Women’s Health Study, conducted by Boston University, is the longest running (longitudinal) study for African American women since 1995, which I am an active participant in since its inception (by active I mean given blood, tissues, saliva, okay, maybe a little too graphic, lol, but all for a great cause!).  Anyhow, this highly educated multicultural group of dedicated women doctors and specialist are doing an amazing job giving very valuable feedback (read and sign up for their newsletter here)  on their finding which I have shared with my friends, family and now YOU! 

Do yourself a favor, register for their updates and learn more by visiting their sight here. Bookmark it, explore it and get to know how you can better take care of YOU!  Guess what their next area of focus is on....(drum roll....dadadadadadada) 

HAIR LOSS! Yep, no big surprise right? I'll let you know as soon as I know so be sure to subscribe via the pop-ups floating around on your screen free account by clicking here.

Now, listen up...Yesterday, another groundbreaking health study came out by Black Women for Wellness called “Natural Evolutions”. In this report it identifies common health issues and the link to our beauty habits and focuses on the consumer and the BEAUTY PROFESSIONAL!  IT'S A  MUST READ!!   If you’re a subscriber to my Curl Again blog you’ll notice similarities in what these health study reports, PLEASE, PLEASE…take a few moments for yourself and read the report in its entirety by clicking here.

Please share with your sisters, daughters, mothers, aunties, nieces, co-workers. Have a blessed Easter!

Love you much,

Rhonda, Healthy Hair Expert, Educator, Bloggers, Entrepreneur and Breast Cancer Conqueror 






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