3 Step Silk Press – Curl Again

3 Step Silk Press

Posted by Rhonda DeYampert on

Here's a quick tutorial on how to achieve silky healthy hair using our 3 Step Silk Press method. 

Step 1

Start with freshly shampooed hair and apply E'TAE Buttershine to protect hair from thermal styling, then Blow Dry then hair. Section the top part.

E'TAE Buttershine Silk Press Curl Again    

Step 2

Apply more Beautiful Hair Renew paying special attention to the ends and work in small horizontal sections using the T3 SinglePass X  (or any other size T3 flat irons) at a slow pace.

Step 3

As you reach the ends, bend the iron in towards you to create a sleek bend. Repeat step 2 and 3 until hair is fully styled.

Final Look!

Love this look? Try it and share your beautiful renewed fresh looked with me at Rhonda@CurlAgain.com


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