3 Step Silk Press from Naturally Curly To Shiny Straight Hair

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Some of you wanted to know how I manage to keep my natural 4c kinky coily hair free from heat damage when I straighten it.  Here's my relatively Easy 3 Step Silk Press diy at home tutorial you can use to get the professional results at home and prevent damaging your natural curls.  As you read, note that it's all about the tools you use to get the best possible results while keeping your hair healthy! (Keep scrolling to watch video at end to see how it turn out and my revert back to my natural 4c curls )

Blog Post Curl Again How To Prevent Heat Damage To Natural Curly Type 4c 4b 4a 3a 3b 3c Black Hair Silk Press Tutorial

Step 1

Start with freshly cleansed and conditioned that is still slightly DAMP.  Finger detangle your hair.  Next use a seamless wide tooth comb or a deman brush to remove any knots or tangles.

My 4c hair is really thick and I want to make sure that my hair cuticle stays healthy by using a seamless comb (the teeth are smoothe). I love this professional comb because I can really get out the kinks without ripping out my hair and it doesn't rough up my hair cuticles.  The results are a smoother process when blowdrying.  You can get your's here 👇🏽 :

Curl Again Seamless wide tooth comb detangler

Also, I have a couple of denman brushes in different sizes. When blow drying my hair, I prefer the small one to work thru my mop and it's easier to hold.  You can get a small (5 rows) or pickup a larger denman with 9 rows for finer hair or looser curls here.  Caution - they are not heat resistance.  Mine is a little warped but works just fine!

denman brush for blow drying Curl Again 3 step

Step 2

Now you're ready to lock in moisture and protect your hair from heat styling.  On damp hair take a small amount of  Curl Again Hair Buttah Creme and melt this whipped butter in your hands to apply to each section from root to ends paying attention to smooth and detangle as you work the butter through section. Now twist or bantu knot each section while still damp. Repeat for each section. 

Natural Butter Curly Textured Black Hair Type 3c 4a 4b 4c Heat Protector Silk Press Seal Moistureure Heat

The natural butters (shea and mango) and high qaulity natural oils (avacado and olive) that can withstand up to over 400 heat which is key to protect hair from thermal styling while getting glassy silky hair!!

Step 3

Use tension on hair by pulling the section or use your a denman brush. Be careful not to burn yourself!  Blow dry hair section by section using a concentrator to focus heated air on only the section you are drying. Start with cooler temps at the ends work your way root and do a final pass at higher temp from roots to ends!.

I strongly recommend you use high quality tools like the professional quality T3 brand. Their tools are made out of ionic ceramic tourmaline compared to other brands which may just be sprayed with ceramic or, heaven forbid, not at all.

I've been using T3 for years and have never worried about heat damage. I've had my T3 hair dry for over five year and it still works (you get what you pay for). It has has six temperature controls/air flows and a cold shot setting for sealing the hair cuticle.  It's easy to grip and handle and I love that it has a concentrator, a long cord and it's sexy looking!!  You can pickup one of your own on right here

Curl Again Silk Press Hair Dryer

What's so special about tourmaline? Know at the "electric stone" when heated tourmaline imparts negative ions and healthy infrared heat. Why is this important? Negative ions reduce static (think dryness rough and tangled hair) AND seal the cuticle which helps to lock in moisture, adds amazing shine, smoothes the hair and reduces  frizz DRAMATICALLY REDUCING HEAT DAMAGE and leaves hair in better condition!!  With T3 hair dryers, I can get my hair straight, and I mean STRRR-8 with two passes!!

Oh and check out this FOLDABLE Hair Dryer II gave this one as a graduation gift to my neice. I was so blessed by her joy when she received it and to see her still using it. This is a great gift idea for weddings too!! You can find this T3 Travel Dryer here:

t3 travel dryer for graduation wedding gift natural hair silk press tools curl again.

Step 3

Now you're ready to "press" your hair with a professional quality flat iron (or if you have finer hair you may prefer a good ole fashion electric pressing comb with thermal control - I can't my hair is too thick and coarse).  If needed apply a little more of the Hair Buttah Creme to ends and smooth in with brush.

Take the small sections and working in small horizontal sections apply tension to the hair and begin to press hair from roots to ends being careful no to get hot irons too close to the scalp. My tool of choice to finish styling my hair is the electric HSI Tourmaline Infrared Flat Iron. It's a professional quality iron It's digital thermostat keeps the temperature constant (up to 450) and its body is curved for flipping ends to add body to your style. You can purchase your 

Best flat iron for silk press black hair HSI

Tip: To keep your style longer, when finished immediately lightly spritz hair with Fantasia liquid mousse. It's non-dry alcohol free gives hair amazing hold without dryness or stiffness and leaves hair smelling like a million dollars. 

Here's a recent vid of my silk press using Curl Again Natural Hair Products and the AMAZING HAIR BUTTAH CREME

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