Curl Again Summer Skin Survival Guide for June 2016

Curl Again Summer Skin Survival Guide for June 2016

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June marks the beginning of summer and time for tips and information on how you can protect your skin from over exposure during the warm weather season.  Skin damage caused by the environment can occur quickly, like a sunburn or insect bite, or over longer periods of time like wrinkles, skin discoloration and in extreme cases skin cancer. 

If you live in the northern areas of the country like me (Chicago), you probably welcome summer and the sunshine with enthusiasm. It’s a natural reaction we northerners have because our Vitamin D starved bodies are thirsting for longer daylight hours and enjoying the direct sunlight that we miss for more than half the year (rant).  While it’s important to get a fair share of the sun’s UV-B rays which convert to Vitamin D in the skin, be sure to take care of your selves with these 5 Tips for Summer Skin Survival.

Tip 1: Run for cover  - Depending on where you live, the sun is usually the strongest between 10 am to 4:00 pm so you’ll want to make sure to cover and protect your skin with clothing that is light colored and loose fitting  and contains natural fibers that let your skin breathe  (think more cotton, less polyester).  Try sprucing up your summer fashion with a light and airy wide brim hat – they’re perfect for protecting your scalp face ears and neck and to prevent uneven skin tone and dark spots!


Tip 2: Use sunscreen - on exposed skin no matter what color your skin is. Yes, that’s right. From silky inky black to creamy cocoa colored to light bright yellow and white – all SKIN needs protection. Listen ladies of color, the “black don’t crack” thing – it’s just a saying.  While our melanin rich bodies provides some protection from the obvious outward signs of aging, our skin cells still can be damaged.

 With that said, you may say “there’s so many choices of sunscreen, how do I choose the right one”?  Well, I’m glad you asked!  The easy way is to look at the SPF number (means sun protection factor and is not to be confused with the amount of time you are protected from the sun’s rays. Experts now agree that a SPF of 30 is just as effective as an SPF of 50 or more as the higher SPFs provide only a marginal amount of protection and some say may actually be more harmful as people believe that they can stay out in the sun longer with a higher number!

 Just be sure to READ THE LABELS and since we’re all about natural and healthy products look for natural sunscreen too– oh yeah, it’s out there so don’t settle for less than the best for your beautiful and wonderfully made self. You only got one wrapper (…your skin), so be sure to protect it! 


Tip 3: Be aware - With that said, we know that as much as we try, skin damage (redness, tenderness, burning, peeling skin) does happen – to cool and quickly heal the uncomfortable effects of sunburn try our natural Scalp Tea TreeMint as a cooling and healing spray. It’s also great for…

Insect Bites and Stings - Yep, it’s bound to happen so be sure to keep If you’re allergic to insect bites (almost everyone is that’s why the body responds by itching, swelling, pain).  

Tip 4: Watch your fluid intake – when it’s hot, choose water over juices and alcoholic beverages. Be sure to hydrate early in the day and carry water with you.  Drinking alcohol during hot weather can be dangerous as it heats up the body as it tries to metabolize the alcohol and it’s a diuretic which depletes the body of water! Next, be aware of store bought juices that contain a lot of processed complex sugars (so read the labels before you purchase). I always stock up on deliciously refreshing coconut water as it’s packed full of nature’s goodness with vitamins (B-complex vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, pyridoxine, and folates and Vitamin C) and minerals (calcium, iron, iron, manganese, magnesium, and zinc) and electrolytes to keep the body in balance. Now if that’s not enough for you, studies have show coconut water has anti-aging and anti-blood clotting property…and it’s inexpensive. Go get yourself some and put it in your pantry!

 During the summer there’s more fresh fruit and vegetables available that you can blend together for a delicious smoothie.  Just add some of that coconut water to your smoothie and you’re ret-ta-go! 

Tip 5: Sharing is Caring - I hope you enjoy the Curl Again blog and find it interesting and helpful. If so, would you do me a favor and share using the social media icons below? You can also pass a link to this page with people you know – you’ll be doing me a favor and the other person a favor too, so double blessings for you.  Feel free to comment below (I always respond and it’s always good to hear you’re doing a good job or not). You can also email me at if you have any questions.

Love ya’ll much, Stay Safe and Beautiful This Summer!



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