Kids Hair Care: My First Hairstylist, A Thanksgiving Story

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  The memories of sitting between my mother’s legs and getting my hair done are precious to me because it always made me feel close to her. It made me feel very special and that I was an important part of her life. At that moment all the love she had in her heart was given to me.  The one-on-one time, the laughter, the wisdom she imparted in me at her knees and even the tap of the comb to get me to settle down are precious pearls in a treasury of memories I have as a child.  Mom was my first hair stylist.

The best professional hairstylists are the ones that recognize that the client in the chair is still a child at heart.  They understand that their clients bring their background and experiences with them to the salon. They bring a set of expectations of how they should be treated and what the end results will be.  Today, the hairstylists that are revered and have proven their worth over the years are the ones who understand this and will have attached to their names a good reputation, long standing relationships and the adoration of their clients reserved, usually, only their first hair stylist.  You will probably agree that not all hairstylists are of this caliber. True! Not everyone with a license is capable of doing hair. It is an art and a science that requires compassion and a willingness to learn and to do good.

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As a mother of my own daughter and a grandmother of four as well, my passion for hair care and the well being of children led to search for high quality hair care products that nourish the scalp, that are gentle, natural and effective like the ones we have here at  Using the right tools are key. Using a hair detangler like the one here will prevent the tugging and pulling which is also a cause of hair loss in children. If you're not sure how to take care of your child's natural hair, ask an experienced kids hair care professional to show you. You will be glad you did!

As I close, I am still thinking about that little girl. With a daughter and granddaughters of my own I am now a first stylist. My prayer is that they experience the love, wisdom, compassion and kindness that I received with my first stylist.  Professional stylist must make sure that are ready to continue the tradition of making sure their clients are healthy and are happy with the products they use and the services they receive.  Clients should feel beautiful and cherished, not abused. When my first stylist finished my hair, I felt beautiful, therefore I was beautiful.

I am so thankful for a wonderful Mom; I am so thankful that I can pass healthy memories onto my daughter and thankful for the professional hairstylists who want to raise the bar in healthy hair care for families. So to all the hairstylists who aspire to be first stylist…do good, and be blessed.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Rhonda DeYampert

Healthy Hair Expert

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