News: Curl Again™ Delivers Solution for Maintaining Hot Styling Irons

News: Curl Again™ Delivers Solution for Maintaining Hot Styling Irons

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New Cleaning Pad Provides Solution to Salon and Professional Stylist Problems including Buildup on Hot Styling Irons and Unpleasant Odors


HUNTLEY, Ill.--()--RD Creations, LLC today announced its new cleaning pad, Curl Again™, designed to make the maintenance of hair styling irons quick and easy.

“Professional stylists use hair care products that build up on flat irons and curling irons,” said Rhonda DeYampert. “This buildup combines to form the familiar baked-on “gunk” making the irons difficult to use, causing damage to the hair shaft, creating a distinctly unpleasant odor when irons are re-heated that can linger in client’s hair.”

Traditionally, removing the build-up of this gunk meant using caustic chemicals, spending time soaking the irons in cleaners, scraping which causes damage to the plates -- or, replacing the whole iron itself at great expense.

Curl Again™ cleaning pads are specially designed to clean styling irons without damaging them. Frustrated with odors and gunk on her styler, Rhonda asked friends and family how they cleaned theirs. Quickly realizing that flat iron and curling iron users needed a fast and simple way to maintain their stylers, Rhonda created Curl Again™ and established RD Creations.

“It’s a quick, easy, and effective method,” said Rhonda DeYampert. “These handy pads make it a breeze to keep styling irons gunk-free and—as they have a fresh-smelling scent—they keep nasty odors away.”

Curl Again™ cleaning pads are available at Salons, Spas and Cosmetology Schools everywhere. Licensed professionals can order Curl Again™ at or call RD Creations at 773-492-0545 for more information.

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