NEWS: RD Creations To Meet With BOBSA Executives As New Distributor of – Curl Again

NEWS: RD Creations To Meet With BOBSA Executives As New Distributor of Beauty Supply Association

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RDC to Exhibit African-American Manufactured Hair and Beauty Products at “Meet The Faces Of BOBSA” at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, Michigan

CHICAGO, Illinois – April 23, 2015 -- RD Creations (RDC), a distributor of hairstyling  products announced today that the company’s CEO, Rhonda DeYampert, will be attending Meet The Faces of BOBSA , a three day event starting this weekend to be held at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, Michigan April 25-27, 2015.  The event is sponsored by BOBSA (Black Owned Beauty Supply Association), a premier national organization that provides African American's the platform to demonstrate competitive leadership in the $9 billion dollar Black Hair Care & Cosmetic Industry nationwide and internationally.

“RDC is excited to be the distributor of beauty supply products for BOBSA stores,” said Rhonda DeYampert, the company’s CEO.  “Our partnership with BOBSA and its black beauty and hair care manufacturers is an alignment of missions to bring high quality products to African-American businesses and their communities.”  

Sam Ennon, Executive Director of BOBSA said, “RD Creations is the “black dot” that was needed to connect the dots between manufacturers, retailers and the community,” BOBSA’s  mission is to establish African-American and black owned beauty supply stores and institutions in the United States and internationally. BOBSA manufacturing members include Nu-Gro, Jamaican Mango & Lime, NouriTress Professional and Jane Carter Solutions.

Historically, the black beauty supply market has been controlled by Koreans. The Huffington Post Black Voices article Changing Business of Black Hair estimates that the black hair market to be $761 million dollars by 2017.  “At Meet The Faces we hope to educate the public that buying high quality products made by African-American manufacturers is an investment in their overall well-being as it keeps dollars in the black communities where people live and in the hands of socially responsible business owners,”  said Rhonda. 

RD Creations provides high quality hair care products for professionals, and at home consumers, beauty supply stores and retail outlets.  More information is available at the company’s website, Manufacturers and retailers can contact RDC directly at 773-492-0545. 


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