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 Ladies we love sharing with our girlfriends the best hair products for natural hair. This is evident by all the reviews and blogs out there.  Let’s remember to share this enthusiasm with the fellas in our lives too; many who are discovering natural hair products for men right on their wives vanities!

Let’s face it. Our guys depend on us to help them with their grooming habits and they too appreciate loving guidance as well as over –the- top acknowledgment when they hit the mark!  Many, MANY, ladies who enjoy the products in our store report that they are buying more than one of the following items not only for themselves but for the men in their lives. Here's what we've found....


Here’s An Interesting Fact:

 Did you know that a man’s skin is 25% thicker than a woman’s which really makes them tougher! Also, a man’s skin also produces more oils than a woman which makes keeping it clean, healthy and free from infection something we should concern ourselves with!  Using an effective shampoos and conditioners is essential (don’t be surprised if your guy begins to use it as an all over body wash too, lol ).  Ladies reported that their guys love, love LOVE...

Scalp Tea TreeMint Available at Curl Again

Scalp Tea TreeMint

Dandruff, fungal infections and odor causing bacteria are embarrassing, unsightly and well…just GROSS!  A few sprays of Scalp Tea TreeMint, a natural antifungal and antibacterial spray, fights scalp infections and quickly heals the skin. 

Personally, I just want to thank you ladies who care enough about your men (and yourselves) to make sure they are not walking around with tore up scalps, ring worm, and bacteria in their beards.  As caretakers of the family it is important that we make sure everyone is happy and healthy! Share this article and comments below.

Love you much!

Rhonda DeYampert, Healthy Hair Expert



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