More Amazing Uses for Scalp Tea TreeMint for Skin Care Products Tips & Reviews

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Summer brings out all types of skin care issues.  But don’t’ let skin care problems throw shade on your bright sunny days.  Scalp Tea TreeMint is an amazing products for the scalp AND the rest of your body – scalp is skin, right?  We are ecstatic that you all are discovering healthy solutions for healing by using our line of natural products in new ways!  Yezzz – we hear you loud and clear.  Check out the tips and product reviews that you are sent in (along with one of my own).   Keep on writing and spreading the word WHY YOU LOVE CURL AGAIN PRODUCTS…

Scalp Tea TreeMint –  “It really works to heal sunburn FAST”.
– Ceci (Important: ALL SKIN TONES BURN!)
“Scalp Tea TreeMint  healed my razor bumps like nothing else!” Jordan

Aimee, a professional cosmetologist , who uses Scalp Tea TreeMint in her salon after hair braiding, weaving and chemical services, and....
She ALSO applied Scalp Tea TreeMint to her skin which aided in soothing the burning and helped heal her skin after being in the sun.  Thanks Aimee for the tip!   
Here’s Another Great Use for Scalp Tea TreeMint!
Tammy C – “…I use it as a spray on my tired feet and legs to refresh and revive them and keeps foot odor under control! …”
Now here’s a tip from me:  
Spray Scalp Tea TreeMint on insect bites
to relieve pain, itching and swelling! :

Find out more about these wonderful products and how they protect your scalp from chemicals and hair loss on our website at or call or text (773) 492-0545.

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