Summer Madness!

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Summer madness is here…What is it? Hair loss caused by non-chemical services!  This lunacy is at an all time high reaching epidemic proportion as summer brings in clients wanting protective hairstyles like braids, extensions, weaves, locs, and twists.  Think about it: The tugging and pulling during styling combined with the extra weight of hair (and hair jewelry) added to a few strands of hair can literally pull hair out by the roots.  Now picture someone pulling out their hair. Yep, that’s madness!  

The hairline is especially susceptible to hair loss and balding because the hair follicles in this area of the scalp are surrounded by thinner skin and weaker muscles. This is evident in the rise of receding hairlines in men, women and children.


The number one job of the stylist is to make sure that clients are healthy and happy with the services they received. Clients should never feel like they need an aspirin before visiting you and they should never leave feeling like someone beat them upside their head and they need to visit the emergency room. Braiding tight, especially around the fragile hairline is a no-no. It won’t make the hair grow faster -- if clients want braids to last, recommend using high quality products like these to maintain the hair.  Pain, burning itching and scratching is an indication that something is wrong. It shouldn’t be ignored – it needs to be corrected!

When our team visits salons, we educate stylists about the importance of consulting with clients and how to ask questions and to address the client’s history including their physical condition, recent chemical services, their lifestyle and expected outcomes.

We offer natural hair styling techniques, product knowledge, and information on scalp protection which goes beyond the normal “what hair style or hair color do you want?”.   This is paramount to providing healthy services while preventing thinning hair and hair line balding.  It is also paramount to building a reputation that will have clients knocking down your door.

Let’s stop the madness! To find more information on hair care and hair loss products  and educational opportunities clicking on the links or call Curl Again at our toll-free number at 888-755-2597 and you should be good to go.

Have A Beautiful Day!!

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