4 Natural Hair Care Tips for Fall Curly Textured Hair

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Curly textured hair requirements change just as the season changes. Cooler weather brings rain and drying winds which can leave your natural coils and curls in need of something a little different.to prevent hair fall.  Here's 4 Tips for Fall Natural Hair Care - Things that you can do to protect your natural hair and tresses these next few months. 

5 Natural Textured Hair Tips for Curly Coily Hair

Braids Braids Braids

    Not only are these time savers, but they allow your hair to grow much faster than when it’s unprotected. To achieve maximum hair growth and relieve the discomfort of braids and extensions add this two piece Scalp Treatment Set to your appointment.  After braiding give your scalp extra care with a few sprays followed by oiling your scalp with the balm.  


    Curl Again Braided Hair Scalp Treatment Stop Scalp Itch Hair Loss

    Enjoy the relief of itching tightness and soreness and inflammation which can cause hair bumps and hair loss!  Add these affordable gold  and silver embellishments to your braids. Hair jewelry always makes your crown is complete!

    hair jewelry for braids extensions

    Wearing Silk Scarves

    For those who struggle with time management, this is the ideal for you. Here are some of our favorite scarves While wearing a scarf ensure that your hair is moisturized and fully enriched with nutrients and you're still looking be-you-tiful!  This moisturizing leave in conditioner and nourishing hair growth oil will work a miracle underneath! 


                 Curl Again Moisturizing Leave In Hair Conditioner Detangler for Curly Textured Natural Hair    



     High Puffs, Knots & Buns

    These work well for moms and kids alike. Use Curl Again Kidz hair and scalp products which are perfect for keeping your little prince and princesses hair moisturized and soft.

    curl again kids natural black hair care scalp for children textured hair

    The LOC or LCO  or L or C or O Method

    These methods use liquid, oil and cream products to seal in moisture in dry hair and to cut down on fizz and damage.  The key is to listen to your hair! Some days you're just gonna need moisturizing liquid especially when you're using high quality products like Curl Again.  Midweek moisture touch-ups may just be as easy as a spray of Scalp Treatment on your hair (it'll love it) and/or restyling with the leave-in moisturizer! Easy peasy sister!

    These methods are life savers as they both give your hair sufficient moisture while promoting growth. Our product line can be used for these methods.  Moisturize and lock in frizz free curls for days!

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