Blog Post: 5 Steps To A Healthy Hair Care Resolution for A Happy 2017 New Year

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Maybe 2017 is the year you’ve decided to take better care of your hair and go natural with the big chop, or if you’re a little cautious, you’ve probably decided to take it slow and that transitioning hair is more your speed, either way…CONGRATULATIONS! And guess what….

I’m going along with you on your journey and will post pictures and share my experiences of transitioning with you! …..and, my teen-aged daughter, Ashley (on left and me on the right at the Chicago Makeup Show :-), agreed to go along on this journey with us which is a great idea as she can give all of us a youthful perspective, share advice on cute natural hairstyles, up dos, tips for natural hair care and styles for beginners, how to curl your hair with a perm rod set, as well as protective styles for healthy natural hair type. 

Now, If you’re a loyal reader or visited our store, Curl Again, you know that we’re passionate about helping you find the high quality natural hair and scalp care products that are formulated by and for African Americans with curly, textured hair. Yes, we hear you loud and clear...not everyone has a natural black hair salon in their neighborhood and your current go to person may not be trained to give your African American natural hair style you are looking for -- we're here to help! 

 Rosemary Mint Citrus Hair and Scalp Care Products for Natural Healthy Hair

You will find the best products for black natural curly hair care at better prices to cleanse, moisturize, grow, strengthen and treat your hair and scalp like the popular Rosemary Mint Citrus line of products (yezzz, including the most popular curl defining All-In-One Riche Mousse -this amazing creamy great smelling gel gives your curly hair soft defined, long lasting frizz free, soft hair with a healthy touchable sheen! Great for wash n go, rod set, twists, braids).

Rosemary Mint Citrus All-In-One Riche Mousse Natural Curly Hair

Try free samples of All-In-One and Hair Growth & Scalp Balm Here (while supplies last)

As a healthy hair expert, educator, mother and grandmother, I care about making sure products are safe and work for you and your family! And, I know that many of you need to know where to buy these products and how to use them easily use at home and without spending a ton of money, right!

Okay, now that we’re in agreement, let’s take 5 Steps together to get started our journey shall we …

1. Make a ONE YEAR COMMITMENT to yourself to learn about your hair – transitioning from chemically treated hair takes TIME and PATIENCE, but I promise you – if you stick with us on this journey – you will love, love, LOVE the results!

2. Say “NO” to chemicals – anything that alters your hairs natural state is a chemical! That includes texturizers, relaxers, keratin treatments and hair color!

3. BE PREPARED for an identity crisis – Yep, people are going to look at the “new” you; they’ll want to touch, and if you’re low-keyed like me that kind of scrutiny can be a little uncomfortable. Negative feelings about yourself can come flooding back, childhood taunts of nappy hair, brillo pad, SOS hair…. BUT remember the devil is a lie and wants to keep your true identity hidden so you can pollute your body with toxic relaxers and beauty products. Know that you are beautiful just the way God made you.

4. Take the time to find a natural hair stylist to consult with and that can cut and trim your hair when needed - Ask people who you know who are natural and whose hair looks slayed whether it’s natural or straightened. Remember barbers can be a fast and economical way to slay hair too—those fades and tapered styles tho’!

5. Join us on this journey!  Send me your pictures, post your comments and ask questions at I promise to read them and answer them!

Have A Beautiful Day Curl Again Healthy Natural Hair Skin Scalp Care Products
Love Rhonda DeYampert,
Healthy Hair Expert andYour Fellow Traveler On This Journey

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