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Breast Cancer: Awareness or Prevention?

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Yes, it’s that time of year again. It comes around like a holiday and it’s celebrated by many.  Which one you ask? Well where have you been…?  It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  I mean look at all the pink – doesn’t it take on a new meaning?  It’s almost like a holiday right before the holidays, right? I’m not poking fun at it, breast cancer (any cancer or malady) is not a laughing matter – I should know, it’s been three years today since I had surgery to remove cancerous tissue from my right breast.  So, I think I can speak on it. Matter of fact, I will!

When the lump was found and surgery was recommended, I choose to wait to give myself time to research all my options and come to the right decision for me.  I was fortunate to be able to choose my team of doctors (thank you again Dr. Barry Rosen and Dr. James Ruffer).  I was given a thick guidebook on breast cancer along with different organizations that offer support and resources.  During this time, I reminded myself that I was healed. I did “my work” as Iyanla would say. I researched clinical studies, visited health websites, listened to tapes, viewed videos, looked at different therapies, studied nutrition, possible causes, whatever I could get my hands on.  Like the rest of my life, when I wanted to know something, I go deep, and I went deeeep, into the whole mind, body and soul connection. It’s real! I was determined not to become a victim, because I knew I had the victory.  I found comfort and strength in my faith. My Bible was there to show me what God said about me and told me what do, so that’s what I did, because that’s who I am.  

Preparing for this battle, I closed rank, surrounded myself with only positive supportive people, thought positive thoughts, watched a whole lot of Fraiser (love LOVE that show, anyone else??).  I found foods and spices that would help strengthen me, detox my body and aid in my recovery. These are things that I should have been doing all along, but leading a hectic lifestyle year in and year out, my body finally said it’s time to take care of me!  So recovery was quick, I love my new “girls” and now I make time to take care of me as a preventative measure.

Exercise, getting the right amount of sleep, eating right, making healthy choices about foods (living foods versus processed or dead foods), limiting your exposure to chemicals, reading labels especially on hair and beauty products (read Consult A Trusted Professional) developing your mind, using common sense and guarding your soul are all important preventative measures to sickness and disease.  If you’re sick, you should see your doctor and explore ALL your options.  ASK QUESTIONS!!

So, yes, it’s breast cancer awareness month.  Yes, be aware….but let’s make it breast cancer PREVENTION -- for life!  


Now you see why I’m passionate about healthy hair care products and why we’re hosting the Curl Again Holiday Hair and Health Show at the Art Space in northwest suburban Chicago on November 22nd.  At this show you can learn about beauty, enjoy mingling and networking with like-minded people, learn about health and wellness from a variety of professionals and become more aware which is the key to prevention not for breast cancer but for a healthy life!

You can get tickets and more information here!  See you soon!


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