7 Tips For Natural Hair Maintenance At Night

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Ladies, your night time routine for natural hair is important for hair growth and proper moisture retention to keep your hair soft.  You can prevent breakage maintain your natural wavy curly hair (especially for this 4c chick) with these 7 Tips to help you protect your natural hair at night.

7 Tips For Natural Hair Maintenance At Night

Make your night time hair routine part of a ritual of self love. Ladies after a long hectic day, we sometimes think “this is the last thing that I want to do”. Instead let’s change our mindset to think, “I’m going to take this time for me, so I can look and feel beautiful tomorrow”. And do it! Pick a time soon after your get home for your bedtime hairstyle.

Curl Again Night Routine for 4c natural hair

Be sure you have the right products that will help moisturize, soften, smooth and set your hair while nourishing and treating your scalp. This is so important to protecting your hair at night and for natural hair growth. So regardless if your hair is long short kinky curly wavy type 3 to 4c will help you to maintain your curls and waves like a pro!

Get the right tools to help protect your hair at night. Pins, clips, rollers, scarves and fingers (for detangling, use combs and brushes sparingly!) and get to detangling in manageable sections. Curl Again Rosemary Mint Citrus Detangler is a light weight spray is the secret weapon as it pops loose those tangles and adds deep long-lasting moisture that conditions and smoothes and softens the hair. It’s made fresh with natural oils and conditioners that make it moisture rich but lightweight and easily absorbs into the hair without buildup and flaking. It’s the perfect balance or natural oils and conditioners AND is vegan cruelty free and paraben free!

Curl Again Natural Hair Maintenance Tips How To Style Hair for Nigh Time Routine Blog

Speaking of flaking, if you have scalp issues (dandruff, flaking, scaling) or need to give your natural hair growth a kickstart from the root up, check out this scalp treatment set. Sometimes, we can’t get to our wash day routine in time so a couple of sprays on the scalp and some of this bomb balm really helps keep the scalp healthy and prevents itching and odor so keep it on hand! This set is a must have if you’re wearing your natural hair in a protective hairstyle for any length in braids, locs and extensions. A healthy nourished scalp is the key to happy healthy long hair!

Incorporate a good scalp massage before styling. (Read here for how to)

Curl Again Moisturizing Detangler  how to moisturize natural hair at night

Your overnight hairstyle depends on your hair needs. Maybe you need to braid it overnight or two to set your curl pattern and then pin it up. Or maybe twist it at night or gather it on your crown in a pineapple. Or on occasion you might want to roller set it for loose curls in the morning. We’re all unique and we each need to find what works for us. You have to listen to your hair and respond with love by using these tips to learn how to keep natural hair soft and to protect it at night.

Curl Again Tips Natural Hair Maintenance at Night

Use a scarf. Period. Tie your hair up at bedtime. This will help to keep it from drying out and reduces the stress (which causes breakage) from sleeping. You know by now to get rid of those drying cotton bandanas as your night time hair routine. Silk or (silkly feeling) is the way to go!

When you use these methods and learn how to protect your hair at night it will become routine and you will see amazing hair growth and be able to maintain soft natural hair that is healthy and strong. I certainly hope you enjoy these blogs. Check out the products and the wonderful testimonies that women like you have to say about Curl Again! Sharing is caring to forward this along to your sister, auntie, momma, or anybody that you care about that needs help with natural hair maintenance.

Have a blessed day ladies and as my dear Momma would say…
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