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7 Tips For Having Great Hair In 2016

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Lets face it just about every woman you ask will admit she would love for her hair to look healthy, shiny and beautiful everyday. Well, I am here to tell you that it is possible if you follow the guidelines below. 

Yes, if you take proper care of your scalp and hair, you should be able to achieve fabulous looking, stylish hair, no matter what length or style you choose.  So, without further ado, lets talk about seven things you can do in 2016 to have great looking hair.

  1. Clip Your Ends

 One of the first things that you should do before you attempt any new hairstyle is to trim your hair at the ends. A good trim every now and then can hide the fact that your hair may not be as thick as it once was.

  1. Use Chemicals In Moderation

 Even though a perm can give you great looking tresses, you could end up damaging your hair over time if you use chemicals too often. Even if you want more body and bounce, you still need to limit the use of relaxers as much as possible.

 On a similar note, the same can be said for permanent curls, keratin treatments or coloring. Your goal should always be to manage your hair without going to extremes, so moderation with chemicals is always recommended.

 While giving your hair a break, why not restore your hair’s luster with Restoring Deep Treatment Wonder Curl. It moisturizes and smooth your hair while mending split ends.

  1. Hair Vitamins

Instead of focusing on just external hair treatments, you might want to consider supplementing your nutrition with vitamins. One of the best products you can take is called biotin. Biotin has been proven to make your hair thick, long and healthy. In addition to this, MSM supplements, along with vitamin D and iron are a great combination to add to your daily dietary supplement.

  1. Use Hair Clip-In Extensions

 Sometimes you need to give your hair a break and one of the easiest ways to do that is to use clip-in hair extensions. They cause zero damage and give your hair a break from constantly using gel, hairspray, and all of the other necessary products to keep your hair looking its best.

Remember, however, to always take these out when you go to bed as this could place unnecessary strain on the roots of your hair and result in hair breakage.

5. Castor Oil Treatments

Although the science behind why castor oil treatments work has not been conclusively shown, thicker hair plus accelerated growth, by massaging the oil onto your scalp is the end result.

There is the belief that it increases circulation in the capillaries delivering more nutrients to your hair, so it can grow faster. Regardless of how it works, it is a treatment that many women use and swear by because of the results they have achieved.

  1. Using Your Flat Iron

 You might like having super straight hair, but it is going to be very taxing on your hair. So, opt for high quality professional grade styling tools like these T3 Micro irons. Another option is to use rollers or use a silk wrap occasionally to keep your hair looking great.

  1. Limit Hair Manipulation

This final tip refers to how much you play with your hair, comb it, or style it throughout the day. The more that you do this, even if you aren't using a hairdryer, flat iron, or a curling iron, you are still causing subtle amounts of damage. Once you have your hair in place, there is no need to retouch it every 20 minutes. Lower amounts of manipulation will always lead to healthier hair, which includes the hair shaft and helping your roots stay healthy.

These tips can help you to improve the appearance and condition of your hair. If you have been struggling with maintaining your hair, finding that it is hard to manage, or even if it is thinning, these tips can help you get on track in 2016.

It's all about using common sense and moderation when dealing with your hair. If you use even a couple of these tips, you should start to see your hair getting healthier, especially if you are taking the supplements, leading to what might be the best hair of your life.



About the author: Sherry Harris is the solopreneur of Sherry’s Life. On the blog she writes about any and everything related to hair care and hairstyles.



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