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Amazing New E'TAE 3 Piece Carmelux Set!

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3 Pc ETAE Carmelux Set at

You said you wanted this combination of E'TAE Carmelux Shampoo Conditioner and Carmel Treatment so we've bundled them together for you in this amazing 3 piece set of natural beauty healthy scalp and hair care products for all hair types - at Curl Again we listen to our customers - so  keep reading for how to use this combination kit and the results you can expect! 

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How To Use ETEA Carmel Deep Treatment:

Use before shampooing. Store at room temperature. Use as often as you like…Recommended at least once a month.For Ages 1 to Adults. Made with real bananas and honey will restore life back into all types of hair. Its high concentration of vitamins, minerals and potassium has the ability to provide the nourishment needed for both the hair and scalp. Its strengthening and moisturizing qualities will deeply soften the hair while improving texture. Recommended if you are coming out of weave or braids

  • Deeply Moisturizes, Softens and Protects
  • Creates volume and body

How To Use Deep Penetrating Shampoo:

• Sulfate Free • Cleanses gently and thoroughly • Protects hair strands • Strengthens hair strands • Repairs damage • Restores luster back into the hair • Embeds a natural shine • Promotes a healthy scalp. —-Carmelux shampoo: restores and preserves while cleansing. Its conditioning qualities will strengthen, protect, and manage the hair to improve its condition and texture. Infused with essential ingredient, Carmelux shampoo will help balance the scalp and encourage growth while leaving the hair feeling soft and supple with a natural shine

  • • Sulfate Free
  • • Protects hair strands
  • • Repairs damage
  • • Restores luster back into the hair
  • • Promotes a healthy scalp

 How To Use Silk Protein Conditioner:

Cleans, restores, and protects the hair leaving it soft, manageable and full of life and shine. Carmelux Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Enriched with 20 natural ingredients

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