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Beat Fall Skin Scalp and Hair Dryness with E'TAE Natural Hair Care Product

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Fall is my favorite season and today, September 22nd, marks the first day of autumn. At the end of summer we welcome the dryer air and winds that usher in cooler weather and marvel at the beautiful foliage on trees as they begin to show spectacular color. While it’s been reasonably pleasant here in the Chicago area, I know that it can change on the drop of a dime! 

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This seasonal change can cause noticeable, physical changes in our bodies too such as irritated, itching, dry skin scalp and hair. Eventually, when the hats, scarves and heavy clothing come out, this change in weather can cause even more problems with dry skin irritation, and hair breakage.  

We asked some of our Curl Again customers about ways they use our products to prevent dryness and irritation and decided to share a few uses with you over the next few weeks.  This week we’re focusing on how you can use E’TAE natural beauty products to beat Fall skin, scalp and hair dryness.  Here’s what you had to say…

“I have eczema and my scalp is very sensitive. I ran out of my usual store brand shampoo so I used my daughters Carmelux shampoo bar to wash my hair. It left my hair soft and clean and it felt soothing to my scalp and didn’t dry it out. I am buying more for the family.”  - Audrey

“…my husband uses it (shampoo bar) on his beard to get rid of flaky skin…” – Dionne

“The hair oil (gloss) works great as a body oil too!” – Maia

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Natural products are so versatile and we encourage you to explore for yourself and to continue sharing with us. Be sure to take advantage of our Fall Sale on the Oil and Shampoo Bar  (Buy One, Get One 50% Off!  click here). Sharing is caring so pass this along to your family and friends! If you enjoy this post and the Curl Again blog, like share plus and please let me know by leaving your questions and comments below!

Have A Beautiful Autumn Day,

Rhonda DeYampert, Fall Enthusiast, Educator and Healthy Hair Expert

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