Big Hair Ain't Easy - 3 Truths About Natural Hair Growth

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My friends always say they can spot me in a crowd by my lovely locks of curls. But listen, these stylish tresses on this 50ish lady’s head of natural, no hair color, no texturized curls are real hair #goals for many, but big hair don’t come easy. Especially if you’re not using the right product line. The emphasis here is on the product line – a system that works together.

Curl Again Natural Hair Scalp Care Maintenance for Black Textured Coily Kinky African Amercan products

Sounds like common sense right? BUT you and I both know that we can get emotional about our hair and that’s when common sense flies out the window and we go on the hunt for that one product to fix the problem of dryness, or breakage, or itching, or wut-eva. Or…

Maybe you tried a new product line on the store shelf and when you go back for your next fix, they are fresh out! On a Friday?! Imagine that! SMH

Or maybe you noticed your go to curl definer cream still leaves your hair rough and dry…or you’re left wondering why the heck is your hair drier than ever and you just loaded it down with moisture a few hours ago?! Maybe it don’t love you like it used to and it’s not defining your curls like before? 

Natural Hair Care Products for Black Hair Curl Again Rosemary Mint Citrus Scalp Afro African American

Or maybe your hair (and scalp) is a tacky mess at the end of the week from using products that buildup and coat the hair (and scalp) leaving it a magnet for dirt and pollution, and a virtual party for bacterial and fungal growth! Yuck!

Curl Again Natural Hair CareBig hair don’t come easy…that is until you become aware of a few truths:

1) Healthy hair comes from within, proper selfcare is vital. Natural hair products should create a healthy environment for hair growth. Most over the counter (otc) products give the illusion of healthy smooth hair with ingredients that coat the hair, creates buildup on the scalp, clogs pores (and can cause facial and back acne) and seals out moisture. The results, dryness, breakage and slow growth.

2) Natural hair requires natural fresh products that identify with your hair. OTC products are meant to survive the rigors of manufacturing, transportation across the country (or from the other side of the world), to a warehouse for storage, and finally on the store shelves. What a journey right?

3) Your hair needs consistent loving care which involves patience and the right line of products all the time, regardless of your hair type. Being a product junkie is not the answer. You gotta find a natural hair and scalp care maintenance system that works for you and stick with it!

Natural Hair Maintenance and Scalp Care for Black Afro Textured Hair Best Products

The best way to big beautiful, lustrous curls is to cut out damage from environment (chemicals, heat and toxins found in many commercial products). The best way is using freshly made products made with love. The Curl Again line of products for the adults and children are always fresh and don’t need all extra ingredients you find in otc products. They work naturally with the body which is why they produce amazing results.

  • Ladies, here are some of the benefits of using the Rosemary Mint Citrus line of products:
  • No toxic ingredients (paraben free, vegan, cruelty free)
  • Promotes blood circulation to the scalp that stimulates hair follicles 
  • Encourages hair growth with natural ingredients (oils, vitamins, fatty acids and conditioners)
  • Nourishes and protect hair follicles from shedding and styling tension
  • Strengthens from inside hair shaft (natural ingredients with small molecules that penetrate the cuticle) 
  • Reduces frizz, defines curls, helps to elongate and stretch curls.
  • Stops chronic dry hair and sore itcy flaky scalp
  • Contains rosemary and essential oils that promotes hair growth, improves circulation, prevents premature gray hair and controls dundruff.
  • Adds deep down shine that lasts for days

Check out Curl Again’s Rosemary Mint Citrus Natural Hair and Scalp Care products which are perfect for all naturally curly, ethnic and black hair types.

Curl defining cream gel for black textured african american hair products

Curl Again All-In-One Curl Defining Riche Mousse is a light weight medium hold creamy moisturizing hair styling gel that defines and softens your curls with a aloe vera gel, slippery elm, and natural conditioners like shea butter that moisturizes and prevents breakage.

“My hair is still soft after using and my styles last longer” – Danika

Get it here for $12.99

Next up is the Leave In Moisturizing Detangler a versatile daily use product to quickly add moisturize and smoothes the frizz. Use it as a re-styler for freshen and boost midweek curls. Use it to remove tangles and prevent breakage before taking down braids and to detangle curls. Leave hair soft and smelling yummy.

Worked well on my kinky hair that Detangler so easy. Really liked it for styling . Need to shake to get all the goodness. Smells great! – Tyana
Having 4C hair, a good, moisturizing detangler is needed for me. What I love about this s how moisturizing it is. My hair detangles perfectly and is very soft upon styling. Highly recommended – Shanae

Made with aloe, slippery elm, olive oil your hair will enjoy a moisturizing treat and less breakage. Get your bottle of this must have Leave In Detangler here.

You all know that a healthy nourished scalp is the secret to long strong hair. Curl Again Hair Growth and Scalp Balm is a mixture of shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree olive and peppermint oil. Applied to the scalp it stimulates and nourishes hair follicles for faster and stronger hair growth. It reduces gray hair and prevents dandruff, flaking and dryness. Use it as your hair oil to lock in moisture.

This is my second jar. After the first jar I have noticed my hair is thicker and is growing really well better than before and others notice too. Thank you for these great products!! - Cristina
My third jar and noticeable growth this year! - Sabrina

Get your jar of this balm here and start growing your hair.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, the secret to growing luxurious long natural curls is a healthy scalp. This dynamic duo of Scalp Cleanser and Hair Conditioner are a must. Apply this non-drying low pH cleanser to the scalp and massage through the hair and watch how it gently lifts and removes dead flaky scalp skin, dirt and buildup without stripping your hair. Follow up with the moisturizing conditioner to detangle and leave hair smooth frizz free and soft for styling.

Love the way it freshens and cleans my scalp and my hair is squeaky soft clean! – Lynette

Here’s where you can get the set at a discount.

I want to give honarable mention to the Scalp Tea TreeMint Spray.

Scalp Tea Treatment Spray

 This is a natural misting spray that contains aloe and oils of rose, peppermint and tea tree oil. It’s a must for scalp issues and is a best seller for a reason. But enough hearing from me right…

My scalp was sore and itching from braids but this put out the fire, thanks for fast shipping to. Love you guys! – Iris
Stopped my weave itch and saved my sanity! – Tiffani


Now, exclusively for yaw, I’m about to REALLY spill the tea….

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Love you dolls !


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