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Blog Post: 3 Things To Think About Before You Color Your Black or Grey Naturally Curly Hair

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Ladies, I’m sure at one point or another you will consider adding color to your natural hair. You may be like me and are noticing the grey hair coming through or you may decide you want to change your hair color due to a change in season or to add some flair to yo’ hair.  Whatever the reason is, you have plenty of choices out there – pink, grey, purple, gold, red, or any combination you can think of. 

3 Things To Think Of Before You Color Your Black Grey Naturally Curlly Hair Curl Again Blog Post

Look at this flower, isn't it beautiful. It's beautifully natural just like you. We've all seen flowers dyed to match outfits and themes for special occasions, right. To get the flowers to change its color, they're soaked in a natural food grade dye and it still looks great right? Now think...what do you think would happen if the flower was soaked in a chemical hair color? You can imagine it would wither, dissolve and die right? That's what happens when our natural bodies encounter chemicals. This is why at Curl Again we are passionate about healthy natural beauty products especially for made for black naturally curly hair skin and scalps!

Darlings, when making choices about hair color, understand that it’s a long term commitment - so think very carefully before you do, and do some research on your own so you can make an informed decision. 

Last week I was talking to a Curl Again customer (who’s also a salon owner, master stylist and colorist).  She’s been off work for almost a month due to an allergic reaction which include respiratory and other complications --- due to hair color!!! 

Natural Ways To Color Black Natural Hair Curl Again Blog Post

Ya’ll know I love you and I love all things natural, especially healthy natural hair skin and scalp care products, soooo,  I’m going to give you 3 Things To Think About Before You Color Your Natural Black or Grey Hair.

  1. Your Health - Did you know that hair color has been linked to various types of cancer and the chemicals (ammonia, toluene, etc ) in hair color are easily absorbed into the skin (and blood system!)? If you’re pregnant, nursing or have a compromised immune system – please, please, my dear, consult a doctor before considering coloring your hair!
  2. Dry Brittle Damaged Hair - Hair color IS a chemical, so if you’re using color, your hair is not “natural”…period! So don’t expect it to be in the same condition as chemical free natural hair. Some of the voices in the natural hair community will tell you that even though your hair has color you’re still “natural”, weeelllll, I beg to differ (and secretly wonder how many of the voices are coloring their own hair AND if so, it makes me wonder again if they’re really wearing wigs and/or getting weaves to hid their damaged colored treated hair that’s thinning and weak resulting in hair that won’t re curl let alone wave…hmmm? Read: FAKE NEWS)
  3. Are There Safer Alternatives? – My sister Sheri at my church asked me this question and ...Yes, HENNA! Ancient women and queens like Cleopatra and Nefertiti relied on plants from the family Lawsonia, called henna, to enhance condition and protect their hair (skin and nails too).  They discovered that the plant could bring out the natural beauty, luster and deep color of their hair.  Today henna is primarily used as a SAFE, NATURAL CHEMICAL FREE HAIR COLORING like Light Mountain Natural Henna (click here)  or Rainbow Research Henna which you can find here. These products are 100% natural (not all hennas are), they use the best quality natural ingredients, no additives, no chemicals! 

Natural Hair Color for Black Women Curl Again Blog Post 3 Things To Think About

Henna coats and seals each hair shaft causing the cuticle to tighten, creating a more solid surface that gives dull hair a lustrous gleam. It also protects the hair from the environment (sun, salt, chlorine, wind and air pollution) and minimizes split ends. I always feel that my hair is in the best condition after a henna treatment. AND, as it fades, it leaves my wiry grey hair, soft and highlighted with a natural color that compliments my natural hair color without showing the grey. Henna does not contain harsh chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or bleach, so it will not lighten the hair or give you a rainbow of hair colors. What is does is use nature to safely enhance your natural beauty. 

So if you are going to color, you still have many color choices – but more importantly a choice between chemical or natural coloring.  Before you color make sure your scalp and hair are in optimal condition, follow directions and take precautions.  

Curl Again Latest Blog PostTo find out more information on safe natural color for grey hair and henna, visit the Curl Again Henna webpage and as always we love to hear from you so send your comments and questions to me at


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