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Yes I said it, it's fake news you're listening to when you hear "grow your natural curly black textured unruly fragile mane of hair fast and easy". Yep that's fake news for sure. It's like the time you followed the latest "how to care for your own afro ethnic hair at home" YouTube video blog post trying this naturally curly product one month, but next video they're using something new leaving you feeling like you've just been dumped - especially after you invested your time and money into a whole product line that didn't work! That's fake news for real! We've all been there, but we can do better and we ARE doing better at Curl Again!  

Blog Post Curl Again Fake News Grow Natural Curly Hair Fast

Now if we just take an objective look at all  the print advertising in the magazines we read and the commercials during our "favorite" television shows you will see that all of it is designed to trigger an emotional response from you and give you false expectations that natural curly hair growth is fast and easy AND if you're hair isn't this long by the time this commercial ends, weeeeellllll,  you must be doing something wrong! FAKE NEWS -aka commercials- all over the place!  This is one of the reasons why you're invited to join us on our natural healthy hair journey (click here to join). We' re (my daughter Ashley and I) are sharing and showing you weekly and monthly hair care journey with pics and tips.


Curl Again Blog Post Natural Hair Journey Rosemary Mint Citrus Black Curly Textured Hair Scalp Skin Care Products


During this journey our main reason is to honestly talk about the importance of using high quality HEALTHY AND NATURAL hair and scalp care products that are effective, vegan, paraben free and cruelty free and to give you honest information tips and suggestion, share comments and answer questions. 

Curl Again curly hair experts designed the Rosemary Mint Citrus product line with this foremost in mind to provide you with natural healthy beauty products to address issues like dryness (especially in the cold winter months), dullness, buildup, flaking, dandruff, breakage, and slow growth.  

Curl Again Rosemary Mint Citrus Healthy Hair Vegan Paraben Free Cruelty

All the products contain a special balanced mixture of deep penetrating moisturizing and strengthening ingredients. Essential oils of rosemary, peppermint, citrus, tea tree and castor oils have been blended to create a low pH formula that is healing soothing and stimulates the scalp to encourage hair growth. You get immediate noticeable results like softer stronger pliable hair with a healthy natural sheen. We stand by our products with a 30 day money back guarantee, now that's real news!

Curl Again Better Prices Best Natural Black Hair Care Scalp Skin Products

Life is full of distractions (fake news) to get your your attention. It's enough to make you wonder if you have ADHD!  Our goal has to be making the better choices that are simpler for our health and for our pockets. Our purpose at Curl Again is to get back to basics and to keep it simple with products that are do what you expect them to do....keep your scalp and hair healthy to grow healthy hair - it's really that's simple! But wait, let me show you some pics of my 4c growth after about 3 months of using the Rosemary Mint Citrus products - I have about 2 inch of NEW growth!. 
Curl Again Blog Post Natural Hair Journey  
I'm giving y'all the real everyday me, with week old slept on twists and all, lol. What I want you to see is the fullness and growth after using the Rosemary Mint Citrus products. As my hair grows I promise to show you (with better pictures) some different styling techniques. Right now, finger twists are fast and easy and I really love love LOVE the way the All-In-One Riche Mousse creamy gel sets them and leaves even my coarse kinky hair soft and moisturized with defined stretched curls.
Rosemary Mint Citrus All-In-One Riche Mousse Curl Defining Creamy GelAll-In-One Curl Defining Creamy Moisturizing Gel Curl Again
So, stay posted - and speaking of posts... send me your natural hair pics of for posting for your chance to win our monthly give away of a free full size jar of our best selling creamy curl defining All-In-One Riche Haire Mousse, just send your pics and comments to me at  Be sure to follow us on Facebook to join in on the conversations there!
Curl Again Have A Beautiful Day With Natural Black Healthy Hair Scalp Skin Care Products


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Rhonda DeYampert, Healthy Hair Expert

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