Blog Post: Falling In Love With My Natural Hair Curl Pattern Again But – Curl Again

Blog Post: Falling In Love With My Natural Hair Curl Pattern Again But....Straight Patches Tho'

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Hey ya'll I'm fallling in love and loving my natural hair curl pattern again and wanted to share this pic of my big chop and those darn straight patches of hair tho that need to rewave!  Okay, before I jump back in where we last left off, I want to welcome you back to our healthy hair journey, and for those of you just now climbing aboard, you'll discover very helpful information about at home care of your natural hair curl pattern and the best healthy hair and scalp beauty products we're using (which can be found at Curl Again).

Rhonda DeYampert Natural Healthy Hair Expert Blog Post

My daughter Ashley and I, are going to be sharing pics like the one above of our natural hair journey along with the challenges of our hair type, transitioning hair, natural hair styles, protective hair styles. She's got you young ladies covered and I'm going to be speaking from the...ah-hem...let's just say "the wise woman's" perspective, lol, okay? So....

Blog Post: Curl Again Healthy Natural Black Hair Care Expert Curly Transitioning At Home

In the previous blog post 5 Steps To A Healthy Hair Care Resolution (read here) we talked about finding a natural hair salon or natural stylist that will consult with you. I actually had to leave my stylist who'd been been taking care of my relaxed and colored hair for years because she just wasn't on board with this journey. I mean she had a real attitude because I was going natural!! When I finally made her cut it off I can see why she was hair was JACKED!, no shape nothing!  I was soooooo mad!!! That was the last straw and I politely let her know that I was not happy with the service and took my business to a natural hair stylist who restored my confidence with this cute little number you see me in above.

Now here's a couple things I learned so far...

1) Don't be afraid to let go of the past . When your transitioning your hair its a lifestyle change where you have to transition your mindset from settling with the status quo to taking responsibility for your hair. This includes saying good-bye to old habits, old products, and old relationships....that's part of the journey, so keep it moving!  

2) Take the time to find a natural hair stylist. You need someone that will celebrate you and respect and support your decision to go natural. Strike up conversations with other naturalistas by saying "you're hair looks great, where did you get it done?.."When you hear the same names over and over!!  Make that appointment. Be sure to send us your pics and comment to  so we share with our fellow travelers -- we're giving away a jar of our natural, creamy dreamy curl defining gel, All-In-One Rich Mousse each month this year when you send your pics and comments!

Rosemary Citrus All In One Riche Mousse Natural Black Hair Curl Defining Rewaving Gel Curl Again Rosemary Mint Citrus All In One Defining Rewaving Creamy Gel Black Natural Hair

3) Use high quality HEALTHY hair and scalp care products that work with you natural hair curl pattern and will give you most importantly healthier hair and scalp which will result in stronger longer curly hair growth faster!   

4) Learn your hair type and you too will be falling in love with your natural hair curl pattern again! Mine is a thick coarse 4c with some 4a/b around the nape and its very porous around the front hairline (dries out fast), which brings us to ... 

5) Will those straight patches of hair re-wave? We'll if you've been relaxing your hair for a long time, those chemicals build up in your scalp and it may take a while to see if you will get your natural hair curl pattern again. Straight patches can also happen if you are natural and are putting too much heat on your hair with blow drying or irons so be sure to limit your use and only use high quality irons and dryers THAT ACTUALLY CONDITION THE HAIR  like the ones here!  

You can let those straight patches grow out and twist or braid like I did in my picture in hopes of retraining your hair and to get curl definition, and there's always the perm rod set. You just have to be patient and see what happens along the way.

Enjoy the scenic route of your journey and be sure to take those pics for your chance to win!

Rhonda DeYampert, Healthy Natural Hair Care Expert



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