Blog Post: Flexi Rods Set Natural Hairstyle With Curl Again Rosemary M

Blog Post: Flexi Rods Set Natural Hairstyle With Curl Again Rosemary Mint Citrus Black Hair Care Products

Posted by Rhonda DeYampert on

In this short tutorial, you will learn how to use Curl Again Rosemary Mint Citrus Natural Hair Care product to do a flexi rod set on black afro textured using our healthy high quality products made with natural ingredients and essential oils to help hair grow long and strong and to treat and prevent scalp and hair care issues like dryness, breakage, low porosity, scalp itch and soreness. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to learn how to win free products!

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  • Hi Lenoria! This is a great question that many Curl Again customers have asked. When you wear wigs constantly, the friction and pulling caused by the wig cap. The lack of air circulation which allows your scalp to breathe and cool can stunt hair growth and damage hair folliciles as well as odors, fungus and bacteria growth – hence the thinning and balding.

    I would recommend that you start with the Rosemary Mint Citrus 5 Piece Starter Set. Many MANY ladies with all hair growth issues like the ones above are using these natural hair growth products. You can read more about the benefits of the ingredients in our products and how to use them to grow fuller stronger long healthy hair FAST! We stand by our products with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee!

    PS I sent you more information via email….check it out !!

    I sincerly hope this answers you questions. We stand by our products with a 30 Day Satisfactions Guarantee!

    Rhonda on

  • I like to learn a bit more about your products I would like to order it will it help my hair to grow I do wear a wig and my hair has thinned out so bad would it help

    Lenoria on

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