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Blog Post: Make America Great and I'm Not Celebrating Black History MONTH

Posted by Rhonda DeYampert on

The official title to this blog post is Make America Great and NO I’m Not Celebrating Black History Month and You Can’t Make Me Do It!”. I know you're thinking what the....?? but before you go on or go off, let me ask you this:

What’s your black history? 


Here’s mine, my parents didn't get the opportunity to go to high school because they were expected to work to help support their families. I mean they got some reading writing and ‘rithmetic and basically that’s all they were allowed turn learn in 20s and 30s. But most importantly, “Family” was instilled in them and taught at home.

They left the terrorist states of the deep South for a life without fear and hatred, in hope for new opportunities in the North..

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They worked and raised six children, we were poor but didn’t know it. They sacrificed their lives so we were able to go to school with kids whose parent were doctors, lawyers, business owners. They weren’t perfect but you could understand their shortcomings if you knew their history…. Their “why”, their Black History.  I mourned their inner child who had witnessed lynching’s and mutilation and untimely deaths and separation of parents all the while thanking God they had the courage to make a change for the next generation – me. They were history makers, not some olds pictures and a few paragraphs in social studies book.

Mommy Daddy I did what you said, I got my education, I’m carrying on, living the dream, and I know you’re proud.  This is my Black History and I live it every day.

We have built this country and continue to contribute to it through science, arts, music, dance, our worship, in our schools. Can I be candid?

Ya’ll it’s not for the world to know and recognize us, people of color

(a song comes to my mind “ if you (they) don’t know me by now, (you) they will never, never, never know……btw, who sang that???? Ok, back on track…)

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It’s not for the world to know and recognize us, people of color….It’s for us to recognize who we are, each one of us, individually and collectively. Don’t be deceived - you, us, we are truly what has AND will continue to make America Great!

So NO!  I’m not celebrating black history MONTH, I celebrating you, me, each one of us each and every day with love, kindness, decency, respect.  Make it your priority and don’t let anyone knock you off your square. Go out and do something real, touch a life, make the world a better place. And as my pastor would say, just keep on keeping on my brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers aunts uncle and friends.

Thanks for listening to me.  I hope you enjoyed this post and will share, comment and subscribe at  All trolls stay under the bridge.

Now Celebrate and Have A Beautiful…History

with Love, Respect and Honor, 

Rhonda DeYampert,


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