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Blog Post: Naturally Curly At Home Hair Care 101 - Wash and Go Where Day?

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Dearest Curl Again blog post reader, welcome back and thanks for joining this natural hair journey where we (you, me, us) share stories, tips, information, and in this blog post, how-to-care for your natural curly hair at home and I'll show you some of my womens naturally curly hair cuts and hair styles . So, be sure to send your pictures and post comments and questions below for your chance to win a free jar of All-In-One Riche Mousse creamy curl defining gel.

Curl Again Rosemary Citrus Mint All-In-One Riche Mousse curl defining creamy gel

In our last blog post,  Fake News (read it here), we shared with you why its important to have good information and how to objectively make better choices when selecting beauty products. I want you to think of a KISS  (Keep It Simple Sweetie) when it comes to your natural curly at home hair care regime, beginning with wash day!  Here's some KISS tips for you to beautyregime (and products) natural and sweet and simple.

Curl Again Keep Your Natural Curly Hair Regime Sweet and Simple

So, get ready to pamper yourself by lighting your favorite candle putting your comfy clothes on and playing your favorite gospel artist, like Yolanda Adams or Brian Courtney Wilson. Now your ready for our 5 Steps for Naturally Curly At Home Care 101...

1) The Basics - healthy hair starts from the inside out. Drink plenty of water (drink half your weight in ounces), eat a rainbow of fresh foods, eliminate stress by saying "no", getting plenty of sleep and exercise. Avoid chemicals (drugs, tobacco, alcohol, relaxers, hair coloring).

2) Set Aside An Entire Day For Your At Home Natural Hair Care Routine - that's why I call it my "wash and go where day?" cause I'm not leaving the house!  It gives me an excuse to unwind and relax and the rest of the family knows that this is my "me" time. If you have children, you should include them too as an opportunity to bond and so that they learn proper grooming habits early on and will be able to properly take care of their hair when they get older.

Curl Again Rosemary Mint Citrus Naturally Curly Leave In Moisturizing Conditioner for at home womens care

3) Fragile Handle With Care - naturally curly hair is fragile so the less you handle it the better. Use this amazing moisturizing detangler to remove knots and matted sections of hair. Work to untangle hair by starting at the ends and using a gentle pinching picking pulling method as you work your way down the hair shaft towards your scalp.  Stay away from combs and brushes as much as possible.

4) Wash For Clean Scalp & Hair  - when to wash your hair depends on your needs. If you got a lot of buildup, you're sweating a lot from your workouts, or dealing with itching, dandruff (fungal) or scalp odors (common with protective styles), you will want to wash your hair at least once a week with a hair and scalp product that's balanced, gentle but provides deep cleaning, and has a low pH (also helps to reduce frizz) like the cleanser here (notice we didn't say shampoo). This ideal cleanser also has both antibacterial (fights infections and odors) and anti-fungal properties. (prevents dandruff, itching flaking and other scalp issues). On the other hand some of you may get away with a wash every 10 or so (I wouldn't recommend washing hair any longer than this though). Curl Again Rosemary Mint Citrus Naturally Curly Black Hair Scalp Cleanser Conditioner low pH fights frizz moisturizes strengthening shampoo

4)  Follow Up With A Moisturizing Conditioner -  that penetrates the hair shaft and nourishes your hair from the inside out. This conditioner is balances moisture and strengthening to make hair feel noticeably soft smooth and pliable -- it doesn't coat hair with slippery stuff that sits on top of the hair shaft to only make it feel slick. 

5) Prepare To Style Using LOC or LCO Method - Use a towel (or tshirt) to absorb excess water. Let wet hair air dry a little before using a moisturizing detangler to separate hair and braid, twist or knot into manageable sections. Let damp hair rest a little in between each steps in your LOC/LCO method to absorb all the natural goodness your feeding it. Next, apply a moisturizing cream working in smaller sections from the ends to the scalp. Pay attention to patches of hair that seem to frizz up - high hair porosity needs more tlc so give it another going over until you see it respond by laying in a uniform curl pattern.  When your damp hair has rested and absorbed the creamy moisturizing treat, proceed to lock in moisture with natural oils and butters. This natural Hair Growth and Scalp Balm is a humectant that penetrates the hair to lock in moisture, soothes the scalp leaving it tingling and aids in hair growth (smell fresh and citrusy). Now you're ready to twist, braid or perm rod roller set your hair in beautifully moisturized defined frizz free styles which we'll share more of in upcoming posts. 

Have a beautiful day with Curl Again Healthy Natural Hair Scalp Skin Care ProductsWhen you try these tips at home for your naturally curly hair be sure to take pic, send your comments and share on our Facebook fan page.  If you enjoy reading these articles please feel free to like share comment below.  Love You Much!  Rhonda DeYampert, Healthy Hair Expert


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