Blog Post: Seriously Consider This Before Your Next Braid, Weave, Extension Protective Hairstyle

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Hello Ladies,

There's some things you need to seriously consider before getting that protective hairstyle. It’s officially spring and summer weather is in the air. This is the time where many of us like to switch it up to fit our current lifestyle whether it’s for vacation, convenience or to give our hair a rest from whatever we’ve it is we’ve been doing to it.  This is the time of year where we women think of wearing our hair in a protective style like braids, weaves, extensions, locs and twists. 

Curl Again Blog Post Protective Hair Style Scalp Treatment

You’ll probably agree that when you think about making that appointment at the African braid shop, with your natural stylist, friend or family member to get your beautiful afro textured hair styled, you’re probably thinking “I have got to get mentally prepared for the pain”,  right?! And let’s not forget THE ITCHY SCALP which has you digging at your scalp for days! Well, you really need to seriously consider that these symptoms.

Curl Again Blog Post Stop Scalp Itch Tenderness from Braids Weaves Extensions Scalp Treatment SetAfter all this, your tender scalp will still need special treatment. What your scalp needs after service is a scalp treatment to prevent tightness, itching, inflammation, infection which is a common cause of hair loss and receding hairlines. The Scalp Treatment Set available at Curl contains Scalp Tea Tree Mint Spray and Hair Growth and Scalp Balm to relieve scalp tightness itching soreness and as it’s anti-fungal and antibacterial it helps to eliminating unattractive odors.The pain and the itch, is your scalp telling you something.  It’s actually a cry for help.  The pulling and tension on hair especially around the hair line leads to hair loss. The stress causes scalp inflammation which leads to soreness and receding hair lines.  Please make sure your stylist is not braiding your hair too tight especially around the hair line.  The itching is your scalp saying let me loose.  Did you know that it can also be an allergic reaction to the quality of hair being used for your weave or extensions? Please seriously consider this: Always - and I mean always - make sure the hair is washed before you use it. 

Curl Again Scalp Treatment Set Stop Itch Soreness Protective Hair StylesScalp Tea TreatMint Spray is a natural water based hair spray that relieves scalp tightness, inflammation, soreness, tenderness and itching.  A couple of spray is all you need to soothe, heal and calm the scalp while giving it needed moisture. 

The Hair Grow and Scalp Balm is the secret sauce so long strong beautiful hair.  It’s lightweight and won’t cause  sticky build up as you wear your protective hair style.The HGSB contains essential oils of rosemary and other natural ingredients to nourish the scalp, stop flaking and dryness while it stimulates your hair follicles with the nourishment it needs.  It reduces the tension of the tightness and tenderness caused by braiding and twisting the hair.  A little goes a long way and it smells great.

These two products are our dynamic duo. Even hair professionals are effectively using the Scalp Treatment Set on their client’s scalps to prevent client hair loss and provide comfort for their clients (check out testimonials on YouTube Video Blog here ) Protective hairstyles should be protective. You should not be losing your hair due to scalp trauma from braids weaves and extension. 

The Scalp Treatment Set of Scalp Tea TreeMint and Hair Growth and Scalp Balm is the solution. No more itching and digging at your scalp for days. Get instant results with our safe, natural healthy products.  Stop odors, tightness and begin healing your scalp with your own Scalp Treatment Set. 

Have a beautiful day,


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  • Jayla Jordan on

    I wear a lot of braids and always had a itching issue the minute I put them in. Since using your dynamic duo, I am good to go! No more dry itchy scalp and my braids last longer due to the fact that I don’t itch anymore. And the scalp tea treatmint spray really gave me relief from the tightness of freshly done braids. Thank you so much for these amazing products.

  • Kayla William on

    Hi there,
    Thanks a lot for this amazing help. I used your dynamic duo as I had a lot of itching and pain in my scalp because I had weaves and extensions on my hair. I’m so glad that I used the Tea TreeMint and Scalp Balm. I suppose every issue that I had with my hair is now solved. Thanks a lot for this help.

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