Blog Post: Spring Tips for Cute Natural Hair Styles and Maintenance

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Regardless what the weather says, Spring 2018 is here and that means it time to prep for social events and special occasions. So, get yourself picture ready with a cute natural hairstyle you can achieve with some natural hair maintenance tips for beginners (and pros, regardless if your type 3, 4, c or b! Let’s get started to make your hair shine at your next big event!

Curl Again Natural Hair Maintenance Scalp Care Products for  Cute Natural Hair Styles Wedding Graduations Celebrations Special Occassions


The key to healthy hair is a happy healthy scalp.  You can dramatically improve scalp health by massaging the scalp to improve blood circulation and lymph flow which will help to remove toxins. Regular massaging of the scalp can alleviate head and neck pain, migraines, itching, scalp dryness burning and scalp pain. 

How? On washday hair:  With your fingertips massage the scalp while applying your scalp and hair cleanser and apply slight pressure on the temples and the edge of the ears. On dry hair: Grab some scalp balm, melt it in your hands and use your fingers to press firmly while you slide them over your scalp.  Start at the neck and up to your head.

Your scalp is your hairs foundation. It is what holds your hair follicles in place. Nourish and stimulate your scalp with this wonderful diy at home treatment of  scalp spray and balm.

How To DIY Scalp Massage Treatment Curl Again Scalp Treament


A change in seasons can result in hair loss. There is nothing to do about this hair loss. It is a physiological phenomenon which always occurs at the start of the season. But there is no reason for panic. You can stimulate the growth of your hair so that it remains just as full and thick as before.

How? By making sure you eat food that is good for your hair.  Foods that contain zinc and magnesium increase keratin (seafood, lentils, whole meal bread, cocoa and almonds), iron increases the oxygen supply to the roots (parsley, liver and spinach), proteins will strengthen the hair (sole, tuna, ham, beef, and eggs). Foods high in vitamins from the B group promote proper hair growth (mushrooms and cereals). For even better results use natural hair care products with essential oils that promote strong healthy hair growth.

Your scalp and is a living part of the largest organ of your body so take good care of it. If you get bumps inflammation, or dry itchy flaky patches take heed. Your scalp needs attention!

Curl Again Natural Black Hair Care Maintenance and Hair Growth Scalp Care Products


If you want to know how to take care of natural hair daily, well styling begins with clean hair…PERIOD! Here’s some more tips…

Prepare your hair for handling and styling by using a natural gentle detangler for your hair. When washday comes around use it to prevent breakage and apply scalp cleanser to remove dirt, debris, pollution, sweat and product buildup from your scalp and hair. We love this cleanser because it contains the paraben free natural essential oils your scalp and hair love and won’t strip your hair of its natural oils. African American textured curly hair should not be washed more than once a week if at all possible.

Need some styling tips for the cute natural hairstyle? The following are some LOC (or LCO) natural hair care recipes for using these great products:


L (LIQUID) – Leave In Moisturizing Hair Detangler smoothes hair leaving it soft manageable and tangle free! Use it to make soft moisturized touchable curls.

O (OIL) – Hair Growth Scalp Balm Oil is perfectly formulated as a lightweight penetrating oil the nourishes the hair and scalp.

C (CREAM) – All In One Riche Hair Mousse Curl Defining Creamy Gel for frizz free long lasting touchable curls

Curl Again Rosemary Citrus Natural Hair Maintence Growth and Scalp Care Set

This is what you get when you use high quality natural products. These products work best with your natural hair. You can tell right away because the scalp and hair begin to react positively alive when they are applied. These safe lightweight products contain all the best ingredients and are formulated with love. You will be able to tell the difference immediately when you touch and feel the results. They are effective with little buildup as they are readily absorbed into your scalp and hair.

To learn more about the right conditioner for your hair and when to deep condition your hair read:  Hair Conditioning Tips


1 – Clip Your Ends. Your hair will look fuller longer and healthier without the damaged ends

2 – Say NO to Chemicals. Limit color to just the ends of your hair or use clip-in extensions for those special gatherings. They’re an inexpensive way to give your hair a break but make sure they’re not too tight and remove them before bed.

3 – Give your hair a break with a deep hair conditioning moisturizing treatment to smooth hair and mend frazzled heat damaged ends.

4 – Don’t Stress Your Edges. Pulling hair back and up from the hairline can cause hair loss. Switch up your styles, cover them so you don’t feel the need to slick them down.

5 – Scalp Massage Treatment. Can’t say enough about this! Read: Did We Forget How To Oil Our Scalps?

6 – Say NO to Heat. Yes, sometimes we want to straighten our hair especially after it’s been growing so fast! I understand. Use caution as heat can damage your hair. Be sure to use a protectant and when it’s time to get those springy curls back use a deep conditioning treatment.

7 – Detangle your hair to relieve the stress of taking down African American braids, weaves, twist outs braid outs, locs what-eva. A light moisturizing detangler will lubricate the hair and allow the strands of hair to slip through the process of take downs and comb outs. Always start at the ends and use your fingers before even considering a comb or brush!

8 – To retain curl pattern, moisture, and uniformed curls, you must twist or braid your hair before bed then tie your hair up at night in a silk or satin scarf. This is especially important after you’ve just washed it. This allows the curls to relax into their natural curl pattern without frizzing up!

Curl Again Kidz Natural Hair Maintenance Little Black Girl Cornrows Curls Braids Plaits

Last but not least, we make sure our children are well taken care of too and looking their best for end of the school year pictures, proms, graduations and weddings with their own product line for their developing scalp and hair. There’s nothing cuter than our little black girls cornrows and braids and our handsome boys with their haircuts and curls all dressed up for special occasions!

I certainly hope you use these tips and tricks for creating your cute natural hairstyles. It really is common sense but sometimes we forget to take good care of ourselves. Our hair is a very important part of our self-esteem and a reflection of our overall health.

The natural hair movement and your own personal natural hair journey can take you to many places and phases in your relationship with you hair.  Big chop? Transitioning? Short hair that grows slow? A fresh start is always wise and doesn’t have to be traumatic. Even if you’re starting over again.

Embrace your hair, use these natural hair tips for beginners and high quality products to get the absolute best results and fast natural hair growth. They’re formulated by us and for us with love.

Check out our product reviews, and please visit the Curl Again YouTube channel for natural hair vloggers information.

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