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Blog Post: The Latest Natural Hair Craze (Vicks Vaporub...Why It's Really Crazy!)

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Have you seen or heard about the latest hair care craze (another word for crazy)?  Vicks Vapor Rub for you scalp! Girl Bye!  Well it’s not really a new thing but somehow or another it keeps resurfacing like an urban legend.  Ladies, one question…

Vicks Vaporub on natural hair scalp Curl Again Blog Post Use Hair Growth Scalp Balm

Do you really want to run around with that sticky tacky stuff on your scalp? Girl all the way bye!

Really ladies! I mean I get it that for some of us, you’re willing to try anything because your scalp is tore up from chemicals treatments, itching and flaking like crazy from fungal conditions, you got dandruff or eczema, and your scalp is just sore, tender and stressed from all this stuff.  

Or, what about weaves, extensions and braids cutting off the blood and air circulation to your scalp? Could this be the cause of headaches?  What do you think that does to your scalp! Well let me tell you,  it traumatizes your scalp. Tightness and weight and artificial and unclean hair adds stress to the scalp by pulling the hair literally out by the root and can cause bacterial and fungal infections.  This is enough to give anyone a migrane!

bald spot braids locs hair loss Use Curl Again Hair Growth Scalp Balm

Yep, that’s crazy.  But, can we just stop the madness for a moment and think about using Vicks vaporub.

You may remember Vicks as an old school remedy. You probably recall your momma rubbing the thick tacky ointment on your chest and back when you were sick. So, it must be okay right? Well, personally I always keep some on hand ‘cause you just never know when you need that extra little bit of comfort from coughing and congestion (and its such a little jar and it lasts forever right?).

Granted vaporub does help soothe breathing with its strong vapors, but my question to you is do you really want that sticky tacky smelly stuff in your hair…right above your eyes?!  Do you really want to walk around smelling like a menthol cough drop all day?


 Besides, do we know what’s in vaporub?? Let’s look at what’s on the label of vaporub (in the picture above). The label shows the ACTIVE ingredients which make up approximately only 10% of what’s in the vaporub…it’s not all the ingredients!

These “active” ingredients are very aromatic and in their NATURAL state have been used for traditional healing and comfort. Let’s take a closer look. The number one active ingredient in vaporub is SYNTHETIC camphor which is made from turpentine! In case you’re not familiar with turpentine – you can find it paint thinners!! Nuff said, but in case you’re not convinced…

Natural Hair Care Curl Again Blog Hair Growth Scalp Balm Heals Stops Itch Inflammation

The camphor in Vicks vaporub is not the same as the essential oil which does have beneficial qualities include healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

The next ingredient is eucalyptus oil which is beneficial for blood flow, breathing, and inflammation. On the scalp, eucalyptus oil will stimulate healthy hair growth. But does it have to be in all that tacky petroleum jelly like substance?? I don’t know that vaporub is made out of petroleum jelly, I’m just say it seems like petroleum jelly – to me – otay?! Moving on…

Methol is derived from peppermint which is why it has that cooling soothing effect. Menthol is used in cigarettes as too….hmmm. I’d rather just have the peppermint please. Just saying. Studies have been done on menthol and its’ addictiveness and of course you have sides for and against the use of menthol.  All I know is I’d rather have that peppermint ladies!

I truly understand what these ladies are getting at by promoting the use of vaporub. They are looking for results and don’t know any better healthier alternatives to slow hair growth, bald spots and thinning hair. But there is a better way and you can find it here!

 Curl Again Hair Growth & Scalp Balm Grows Natural Black Hair Long Strong Healthy Stops Itching Flaking

Rosemary Mint Citrus NATURAL Hair Growth and Scalp Balm is made from NATURAL ingredients (coconut oil and shea butter) and essential oils (peppermint, rosemary, citrus, and tea tree).  It’s soothes and heals the scalp naturally. It’s also vegan and paraben free. That’s it! 

MANY ladies love Love LOVE this amazing best-selling lightweight natural products and have seen amazing results in hair growth, thickness, scalp healing and help with bald spots!  Personally, I’ve been using this on my scalp for over a year now and my hair is growing like, well…crazy! And, I’ve also experienced a return of my natural hair color along my hairline and throughout my hair from 75% grey to about 25% grey! Now that’s real hair food!

Curl Again Hair Growth Scalp Balm

So, now that you know better it’s time to do better. Spread the word. Tell your family and friends to say no to Vicks vaporub and yes to Rosemary Mint Citrus Hair Growth and Scalp Balm.  For more information on this must have product visit our store here. You can also find combination sets for scalp treatment and for styling as well.

I certainly hope you enjoy these blog posts and find them helpful and informative. Please like and share on your social media.  If you have comments or questions, submit them below and I promise I’ll answer them. Or just send me a message at

Have Yourself A Bbeautiful Vicks-Free Day!



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