Curl Again Answers Your Biggest Natural Hair Questions

Curl Again Answers Your Biggest Natural Hair Questions

Posted by Rhonda DeYampert on

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Q.  My hair is natural but my edges seems to be thinning. What can I do to stop it? C.T.

 Thanks for the picture I see what you mean. The rest of your hair is pretty, coily, and full. You must be laying your edges with some type of holding gel. This may be causing too much stress on the finer hairs along your hairline. Give your edges a break and use natural products to help fill in and grow your edges back. Try a different hair style. Instead of pulling your hair back wear it loose, part it differently, etc. Be sure to keep your edges healthy, strong and lubricated & protected during sleep with silk. Let me know how this works for you!





Q.   I dread getting my hair braided because of the soreness and itching. What can I do? N.G.

We feel you, Ouch! Many women wearing protective styles have the same problem. This is caused by too tight braids and the hair if you’re getting extension the hair quality may be the issue. You should always ALWAYS make sure the hair is washed before putting it into your hair! Let your stylist know that you are having these issues and have them give you a natural scalp treatment to relieve the tenderness and itching. This will add lubrication, moisture and help heal the scalp. No more aspirin!

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Q.    I'm using*** to wash my hair and *** to condition it. I’m also using *** for my LOC method but my hair still never seems to be getting better. What am I doing wrong? Y.R.

It seems that you're doing everything right. But. You're using four different brands of products. It's very important to use one brand as they are formulated to work together. I understand that shopping for haircare supplies can be confusing and in the long run expensive because you’re not getting the results. You can find full line products for your hair and scalp needs here. Also, do a porosity test to determine if you need to use a different (LCO) method to grow long strong healthy hair.

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