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In case you haven’t noticed your natural curly hair certainly has! What has your hair noticed, that you have not? First, before I answer that question, please allow me to ask you five more questions. 1) Is your naturally curly, textured African American hair dry and rough? 2) Is your natural hair growth slow? 3) Are you wondering why your beautiful black hair lacks curl definition and is frizzy? 4) Maybe you are experiencing dry itchy scalp? 5) What about thinning hair caused by hair fall and breakage? 
Hair Growth Tips Using Coconut Oil Before and After Week 1 month, 2 months, 1 year Hair Growth in 6  months Curl Again Natural Hair Scalp Care Products for Men and Women

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your hair is telling you – you’re are doing something wrong - and you need a new hair care remedy! Even more so, you need a new scalp and hair care remedy!  What better time to get started on this than now?

I thought it would be fitting to share a super effective do-it-yourself remedy for African American natural hair loss and stop hair breakage. This scalp and hair care solution will help you stop hair fall and stimulate your hair follicles so that you can experience new hair growth!  In just one month you will notice your hair becoming thicker and your hair fall will be dramatically reduced. Keep reading for black hair growth secrets revealed...

For this remedy, all you will need is:

Hair Growth Treatment for Women and Men Shampoo Conditioner Scalp Oil for Amazing Difference in 3 months

Curl Again 5 Piece Starter Set

Like you, I was caring for my hair all wrong. For years, I was using shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products filled chemicals. I went from one product to another after one stopped working or when I couldn’t find all same brand name of the products I needed in the beauty aisle. The results? My hair would feel stripped of its natural oils. Instead of being squeaky clean it would feel coated.  I was caring for my hair and scalp the wrong way.

I was using styling products that would sit on top of my hair never really giving it the deep moisture and nourishment it needed. Because the products were heavy, my scalp felt the same way. My scalp would feel gummy and itch from the product buildup. My hair noticed, then I noticed. The hair breakage began when I styled my hair. My hair line was thinning and receding. My hair was breaking at the crown of my head. It wasn’t growing. Obviously, I was caring for my hair the wrong way!


Soon, I realized what I needed was a fresh clean start. I cut my hair in a side-fro-hawk to remove the damage and start a new hair growth cycle. Still, my scalp and hair desperately needed a natural black hair product line that could clean and nourish my scalp and hair without stripping it of its natural oils. So I created one! I went back to basics and back to nature. I remembered my long beautiful hair growing up and how my mother would take care of my hair with her own diy hair growth recipes. Where clean hair and scalp “oiling” were regular diy home remedies.  

Curl Again Rosemary Mint Citrus African American Hair Growth and Scalp Care Products Tips Before After 1 3 6 months year for Black Women and Men

In doing my research, I blended old school with new school and developed the Curl Again Rosemary Mint Citrus Natural Hair and Scalp Care Product line for natural black hair growth. Its perfect on braids too! It truly is amazing what this product line has done to my hair growth rate – fast results per week and every month for the entire year! Not only me, but many African American women (and men too) are experiencing the same results from these natural, paraben free and cruelty free products!

Check Out My Hair Growth Journey Phases in these time lapse photos:
Curl Again Natural Hair Growth and Scalp Care Products for African American Black Women and Men


Now That's Hair Growth Progress!! Using Curl Again 5 Piece Starter Kit. (be sure to check out our reviews and pics on our website and on our Facebook page for pictures and testimonies of black hair new growth).

Yes Curl Again Rosemary Mint Citrus Natural Hair Growth and Scalp Care Products are the RIGHT WAY to care for and grow hair. Start your black hair growth regimen with these amazing products.

Why Rosemary?  Rosemary essential oil is a natural hair growth oil that is scientifically proven to grow hair. It contains antioxidants which help scavenge free radicals which are responsible for graying hair as well as hair thinning. Rosemary oil also has disinfectant properties which encourages overall scalp health and strengthens damaged hair.

READ FREE eBook: "5 NATURAL INGREDIENTS - UNDERSTANDING NATURAL HAIR GROWTH & SCALP CARE" to learn more about the natural ingredients included in Curl Again Rosemary Mint Citrus products for your hair growth regimen.

The Curl Again Rosemary Mint Citrus Natural Hair and Scalp Care Products are made with high quality natural oils (rosemary, peppermint, coconut, citrus, aloe vera & shea butter) which are known to cleanse, nourish, moisturize scalp while it stimulates hair follicles to grow hair fast.

The Rosemary Mint Citrus line recognizes that a healthy scalp is the key to strong healthy hair. The results are amazing including fuller thicker and faster long hair growth! An added benefit: it dramatically decreased my grey hair too! Now is a good time to care for your hair the right way. Now is a great time to get started on growing your hair long strong healthy and beautiful.

Hair & Scalp Cleanser – Apply it to your scalp and massage in…OMG!  That cool refreshing tingling sensation is the natural oils going to work to deep clean your scalp and stimulate your hair follicles. This cleanser will not strip your hair of its natural oils but will leave it squeaky clean!

Hair Conditioner – This fluffy rich conditioner restores moisture and Curl Again Black Hair Growth Scalp Care Natural Productsbalance to black African American textured curly hair. Leaves hair supple and smooth as it works to nourish hair from the inside out. Leave on longer for a deep conditioner for beautiful  strong black hair growth.

Leave In Moisturizing Detangler - One word I would useCurl Again Leave In Moisturing Detangler Hair Growth Scalp Care Rosemary Mint Citrus for Black African American Hair to describe this liquid moisturizer is “versatile”. It’s a must for detangling (remember gently use your fingers first!). You will fall in love with this right light weight moisturizing lotion for re-freshing hair and re-styling curls mid-week! A must have!! 

Last but not least on this list are best sellers for a reason!


All-In-One Riche Hair Mousse – This is a favorite for good reason. It’s a light weight curl defining product, and has a medium hold for long lasting soft touchable curls.  It’s so natural that it quickly absorbs into your hair and doesn’t leave hair white or tacky or build up even with every day use!

Curl Again Hair Growth Scalp Balm Curl Defining Creamy Gel

Hair Growth & Scalp Balm – This is another favorite of the ladies and gents too! Oiling your scalp with this amazing creamy medium weight natural balm delivers amazing hair growth results. Tea tree, peppermint, essential oils and butter nourish the scalp and stops dryness itching flaking and dandruff. You will feel it stimulating the hair follicle and see the results as your hair gets fuller, thicker stronger and longer faster. Use it to lock in moisture. Hairlines are coming back in style with this product! It’s the BOMB BALM! Call it what you want, hair grease, hair oil, scalp grease. It’s all good and natural ingredients that will have people asking you “is that your real hair” in no time!

Get the Curl Again 5 Piece Starter Set here. All five pieces of the Rosemary Mint Citrus line are designed to work for the good of your scalp and hair. They are formulated to work together and penetrate the hair shaft and follicles to produce healthy shiny hair. They work so well together that you can mix them to create your own cocktails to give your hair a special treat. Try this hair growth mixture one below.

Curl Again Creamy Moisturizing Cocktail:
Mix Hair Growth & Scalp Balm + All-In-One Riche Hair Mousse

Ladies, now is the right time to get started on your amazing hair growth journey.  You can start your hair growth journey risk free with the Curl Again money back guarantee! And when you get your set, I would love to hear about your hair growth in a year journey.

Feel free to send pics and leave product reviews on our website, on Facebook, and our Youtube videos where you can find more information. In closing as my dear momma would say...

More Hair Grow Longer!

Rhonda DeYampert, Natural Hair Care Expert

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