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While living in Dallas, I’ve found its dryer summers are extremely harsh on my naturally curly type 4 hair. This time of year most of us are experiencing some type of climate change, weather (pun) it be hot winds sucking the moisture out of your hair care challenge, or humidity wreaking havoc on your curls; whatever the dry hair cause is, here’s some reasons, tips, trips, and products that will help you answer the question…why is my hair so dry and brittle?”.

Curl Again Blog Summer Dry Hair Tips Trips Remedies Why Is My Hair So Dry and Brittle

1) Your Every Day DIY At Home Dry Frizzy Hair Treatment And Home Remedies Are…Nuts
Sis, I’m not knocking you for trying to find something, anything, that you can use that works to keep your hair healthy, heck that’s how I started down this road almost 10 years ago when I transitioned from chemical relaxers and colors! Not only did I need something to repair my severely chemically damaged hair that was thin and fragile, I needed to detox, heal and nourish my scalp.

Like you, I tried over the counter dry hair products, but was always disappointed with the results on my coarse thick kinky type 4c hair. On washdays, my hair and scalp never felt really refreshed clean or free from build-up on my tender scalp because of the coatings in shampoos designed to smooth my hair would coat my scalp too. Others would strip my hair leaving it dry and brittle…and the chemicals!!

Well I didn’t want any more of that…

And to add insult to injury-going to the beauty store aisle and finding that it was no longer on the shelf….and ladies, you know what happens, you’re already at the store, you don’t have time to hunt the elusive product down, so you reeeeeach for that other product, thinking “maybe this’ll work”…NOT….


This is how hair product junkies are made. It really is nuts when you think about it!  Mixing product lines never work - you may get a short fix - but the results could be disastrous and are always expensive!  You’re not alone, we’ve all done it. But when we know better, we can do better, right?

2) Enter The World of DIY At Home
When I started making products for myself and my family at home I knew I wanted to use healthy and fresh natural ingredients. I read articles, books, blogs, viewed countless videos, and ordered natural ingredients and ayurvedic hair packs for dry hair. Needless to say, I learned a lot!

I will also tell you I spent a lot, wasted a lot, and it was time consuming. While my homemade deep conditioner for dry hair was perfect for one time use for me and my daughter, there was always a time when I needed just a regular conditioner, or a shampoo that added more moisture and would have to concoct a new batch just to treat the current hair and or scalp issue for dry hair or split ends – and, did I say for me and my daughter (yep, two very different hair types, two very different needs).

As I said, time consuming and expensive, until it dawned on me that I could combine the best of all of what I was making into one product. This was the beginning of Curl Again Natural Hair and Scalp Care, a naturally curly hair and scalp care product line specially designed for textured kinky type 3 and type 4 hair needs.

Fast forward, we’re in the kitchen mixing olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter, essential oils of rosemary, tea tree, peppermint and citrus blend into our products for women and children. All of our products work very well with all hair types and are “home-made” fresh with love so you get the best natural ingredients that are safe and without cheap chemicals.

You will find that they effectively cleanse and nourish the hair and scalp without stripping hair of natural oils which is a major cause of dry hair. Our conditioners work from inside the hair shaft out. You will notice after one use hair that is smoother, stronger, tangle free and deeply moisturized. Your hair (and scalp) will not be coated with silicones or heavy oils that can actually dry hair out! Your hair will be healthy, balanced with beautiful curls that are tangle free with plenty of elasticity.

For scalp issues and to keep hair growing beautifully, use the scalp tea treemint spray and scalp balm (also available in a set). The curl definers and flaxseed gel are amazing as this stylist can tell you.

Curl Again Natural Hair Flax Seed Gel

We’re always in stock and take pride in fast delivery! Our prices are very reasonable because our 4 oz and 8 oz sizes contain high quality products that are thick and rich and go a looooong way. Don’t be fooled by slick products that give you lots of bubbles or are in bigger sized containers. Remember good things come in small packages! Our starter set will last you 6-8 weeks!

Keep reading for some quick tips and tricks that’ll have your summer curls looking like a million dollars!

3) Take a trip to your trusted natural hairstylist for a quick dry cut to shape and remove spilt ends. Remember trust must be earned so use a referral if you don’t know a stylist who can cut coily kinky frizzy hair to reveal the beauty of your curls. It’s the best salon treatment for dry hair that you probably cannot get at home by diy.

4)  Washday should be free from silicone (drying) and sulfates (really drying) to prevent stripping hair of its natural oils (dry brittle hair!). Curl Again cleanser is a gentle effective scalp and hair cleanser that keeps your scalp pH in order while removing buildup, debris and pollutants. Apply to your scalp, massage in and rinse through your curly-locks. Because its more natural than harsh bubbling sudsy shampoos with detergents, you will notice that it doesn’t create a ton of lather, but your hair is squeaky clean, tangle free and smoothe.

Curl Again BLOG summer hair dry hair care

5) Here’s a surprise, use the conditioner only when you feel your hair needs a little more manageability with detangling and elasticity. Nope, you don’t need to condition every time using the Curl Again Natural Hair Growth system. On the other hand, it does make for a good cowash for your hair, just remember to rinse thoroughly.

6) Oh and deep condition with warm oil treatments, and remove any buildup every six to eight weeks with a clay hair masque made with the benefits of these three different clays. Don't overdo clays because they can be very drying with overuse. Also be aware of too much protein (rice water, panthenol, wheat) which can cause buildup and extreme brittle hair which leads to breakage, especially on the crown.

7) Wet and not so wild is the order for summer curl care. Begin styling with detangling and APPLY YOUR PRODUCT WHILE YOUR HAIR IS STILL DAMP! You’ll find that your hair stays moisturized much MUCH longer, annnnd your products will go a MUCH further with our high quality products.

For deep shine and lasting curls use rich thick flax seed gel for hair that needs more deep down nourishment with light-medium hold or this amazingly popular All-In-One Riche Hair Mousse Curl Definer with medium hold and tons of long lasting moisture for the thirstiest and driest curls. .You don’t need to use every day, sometimes a spritz of water or this amazing scalp healing spray goes a long way to reactivate the product already in your hair. It easy to carry in your purse to freshen up dry curls (and smells great!).

8) Speaking of water, here’s another tip – Put conditioner mixed with oil in your hair before getting into saltwater or chlorine pools. Just shampoo out and you’re good to go!! Swim caps work too, but with big hair you’re gonna need a big’un! Now you can really enjoy swimming this summer.

9) And another tip – let your hair air dry. Stay away from heat as much as possible as it is drying.

Curl again summer curl care blog why is my hair dry and brittle

10) Tiiiiipppp Alert – wear protective styles this summer to lock in moisture to your braids, twists, or cornrows. Just use the scalp spray to add a spritz of nourishing moisture (aloe vera and essential oils) to give hair a drink. Follow it up with a light leave in detangler, definer, oil or balm (in order of heaviness). Remember the whole idea of a protective style is to, well – protect the hair. So leave it alone, stay away from those two week, quick weave, hair glue, micro,... well you get the idea.

11) Wrap It Up – If you’re not taking care of your hair properly at night, you can forget about moisture during the day! We all know (or should know) that we need our sexy silky scarves at night. Before wrapping it up, give hair a light spritz or leave in moisture and loc it with cream or oil. Your hair will thank you in the a.m.!

(Read: Night Time Hair Maintenance Tips Here)

Use these tips, trips and hair products and you will enjoy noticeably beautiful hair this summer --- You'll be getting curly sister compliments and questions like how do you keep your curls so define, and wow what did you do to your hair (it looks beautiful).  Pplease tell them CURL AGAIN (-- sharing is caring Sis) ... now you tell me...

What are your curly hair tips that you use over the summer?

Email me, message me, text me….I love to hear from you all. Thanks for all the pictures, calls and testimonies. I will start sharing them over the summer.

Happy Summer⛱ Rhonda

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