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Taming curly hair can be as confusing and challenging as the different hair types and curl patterns that are found on ones own head!  Throw in the environmental elements, changing seasons, physical conditions the array of #curly-hair products that women with curls especially textured and 4a 4b and 4c hair chick have to sift through to find the miracle hair that keeps hair healthy and growing…frankly,  it’s enough to make you lose yo mind up in here up in here!

(Not to mention losing your hair!) yikes 

Natural Hair Growth 4a 4b 4c Low Porosity Hair Products by Curl Again

How many times have you had a hair cut because you felt you needed a fresh start with a *big chop* and wait and wait and waaaait for your *twa* to grow.  Frustrating right?  It’s like watching grass grow.

Now let me ask you this…how many times have you had your hair cut because it grows as fast as a weed that in order to tame it you have to trim and cut it on a regular? We all would love to have that problem, like many of these ladies who use Curl Again for themselves and their families.

Many of them have been loyal customers since we started back 2012 and appreciate that we make our products fresh so theres no need for a bunch of chemical fillers that can do more harm than good. 

Curl Again Natural Oils Butters Conditoiners for hair thats low porosity high porosity


The key to taming and growing hair is understanding that you need to incorporate high quality products that are safe and free from added ingredients that do nothing for and can even harm your hair or you (parabens, sulfates, silicones, petroleum, chemical fillers).

Next you need to understand that your hair can change from one washday to the next.  Stress, workouts, time in between washdays, hormones, pollution, water all these things can make your feel like your hair is a stranger to you 😲.  For this you just need to tweak your routines - a little more of this or a little less of that. Even your lco loc curly girl method may just be an "L" for the day!

curl again blog tame and grow natural curly hair

Finally you must take care of your scalp. You should have MORE SCALP PRODUCTS THAN STYLING PRODUCTS on your shelf.  A healthy scalp is the key to keep hair strong and keeps hair growing so you don't reach those no growth hair plateaus!  Your scalp needs deep cleansing without stripping hair of oil and a conditioner that nourishes and tames curls like this set

These mommas understand and use our system for fast natural hair growth starts with best ingredients for cleansing the scalp, protecting and nourishing it with natural ingredients contained in scalp balms and hair growth oils and scalp spray.  This system includes taming hair with our smoooothing conditioner and leave in moisturizing detanglers and for styling and defining theres nothing like our creamy curl definers.  We use high quality oils butters alot of aloe and conditioners.

Curl again natural hair curl definer

So no matter if you are looking for low porosity hair products or if you have high porosity hair, you will find that Curl Again Natural Hair Growth and Scalp Care products are the answer to dry hair, roughness, hair loss, slow growth, thinning hair, itchy flaky scalp and scalp tenderness.  

(READ & DOWNLOAD: Curl Again High & Low Porosity Hair Guide)

You will find that caring for your curly hair has never been easier, your hair has never looked better, and your wallet has never been fatter, lol.  We don’t buy into the beauty is painful or costly – and neither should you! Now of course, I’m biased, so listen to what these REAL women say …

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Curl Again Reviews Best Natural Hair Scalp Care Products for Curly Women Children

Curl Again Natural Hair Growth Scalp Care Product Reviews

I could go on and on, but read the product reviews for yourself when you visit the store at  Order yourself a Starter Sets and get one for your kids.  We are always in stock and deliver fast to your door! I love to hear from you so send me an email at  I’m here to answer your questions, so what can I do to help you on your hair growth journey? 

PS – If you find the Curl Again Blog helpful, please share the love with a friend, sister, auntie and anyone who is struggling with naturally curly hair and scalp issues.

More hair grow longer ❤️ Rhonda


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