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Happy Grandparents Day

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Today is September 11 and we here at Curl Again are celebrating National Grandparents Day.  Most of us recall what happened that Tuesday morning in 2001, but, we remember and celebrate Grandparents Day today in recognition of families and parenting and the day-to-day contribution that grandparents provide for their children - love, security and wisdom.

My parents escaped the terrorism of the segregated Jim Crow south with very little education for a better life in Illinois. Having grown up most of my life without my grandparents, my siblings and I adopted our grandparents (and some where self-appointed, lol).  In particular, I remember an old, yellow cab taxi driver, taking us to our doctors appointment, church and shopping. He was the oldest man I had ever seen with more salt than pepper hair and smelled like gasoline. He was the kindest soul and when we started calling him grandpa, he was proud to be a part of our family.  God bless him.

Fortunately, as times slowly changed we reconnected with our Coffeeville, Mississippi roots and got to know our real grandparents, Jimmy "Big Daddy" and Leonia "Big Mamma" Turner and our hundreds of cousins (literally, Big Mamma and Big Daddy had 16 kids!). Loved loved loved being on their farm using a pump for well-water, sleeping in the beds high off the floor covered in handmade quilts and having pets like Butterhead the family cow.  Most of all was the love and security of family and loving grandparents in our lives.

Now, my husband and myself, are grandparents to four beautiful children aged 14, 10, and twin baby boys Noah and Amon. We enjoy spending as much time as possible with them because time is fleeting, but love lasts.  We feel especially blessed to be in good health and to be able to speak into the next generation.  Our hearts.., well they are overflowing with the joy of knowing that our children and spouses are healthy happy and their children are too.  

Here's the key:  On this day, just remember that love has no boundaries, no color, no end...today be a loving Grandparent to a child without a parent or extended family...kids they're simple a little love goes a long way...just think about your own testimony of that adult, grandpa or Big Daddy and Big Momma in your life...PASS IT ON and the world will truly be a better place.

So, if you're a parent, and your Mom and Dad are active in your children s lives, count it a blessing when they share a little more love and a little more wisdom - and grandparents, you can show your children some wisdom too by knowing when, what, when and where...you get the picture, right ;-).  Remember to pickup the phone, say I love you, you can even pass a copy of this article along to your family to let them know that you're thinking of them and  love them and honor them today and everyday!  

Thanks for coming to my world and celebrating Grandparents Day with me. If you enjoy my articles please subscribe to my blog.   We sincerely hope you enjoy this beautiful day and whatever your circumstance are remember LOVE LASTS -- and here's a gift for you to share with your loved ones. Save 40% This Week Only on 4Elements Natural Vegan Luxury Bath & Spa Soaps, Massage Oils & Scrubs (ends 9/17/2016) - use promo code HUNNI  (that's my glamma name, lol)

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Love ya'll,

Rhonda DeYampert,
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