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How To Grow High Porosity Low Porosity Natural Curly Hair | Type 4a 4b 4c

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There’s so much information on hair porosity it’ll make your curls twirl and your head spin. I’m not trying to add to the confusion so I’m breaking it down for you sistahs below in a FREE easy to follow chart you can download (more on that below).  But wait, before you start to scroll, let me ask you a question…

Curl Again Blog Natural Hair Low High Porosity Growth 4a 4b 4c 3c Black Women

What’s the fascination with hair porosity anyhow?  Why do we even care about hair porosity...? The answer is: HAIR GROWTH

If you’ve been a reader of the Curl Again blog for some time, you’ll know that I’m about healthy scalp care and healthy hair maintenance. I had to learn about my hair just like you. And, I will admit that somethings about natural curly hair aren’t just so straight forward (pun-couldn’t resist).

Well, no worries, I’m here to help and I’ll give it to you straight! In this article, I will give you all the information you need to know regarding high porosity and low porosity natural black girl hair. Now grab a cuppa tea and settle in…

Curl Again Blog Natural Hair Growth Scalp Care High Low Porosity 4a 4b 4c

Ladies, we’ve all seen those pics and posts of hair that explain high porosity and low porosity. We all know the diy at home tests we can do to help “determine” our hair porosity level – they say to do a strand test by running your fingers on a strand to feel roughness and of course, we all know about the glass of water test, right ? (...NO? If not, I’ll run thru them later).  The reason I'm mentioning them is that I have a problem with them😕. 

I don’t know about you, but for me, these tests and pictures are not accurate - why??? because I have 4A, 4B and 4C hair. The front of my hair, especially around the hairline is low LOooow porosity, my crown is HIGH porosity and the rest is in between or NORMAL. So….if I was to do a strand or water test, I’d be plucking out my hair all over my head! No thank you, lol.

And…if I was to run my finger up and down my hair cuticle and its uneven and rough, well HECK YEAH ITS ROUGH, smh – I did say I’m 4a-4c right? It’s TEXXXXXXXTURRRRED hair.  If you have a mixed type of hair you know what I’m talking about.  Here’s the point I’m getting at about hair porosity:

Natural Hair Blog Curl Again Infographic High Low Porosity

It’s possible to have HIGH, LOW AND NORMAL hair porosity – all at the same time, and yep, on the same head, lol!

Here’s some helpful information on high and low hair porosity. I didn’t include normal hair porosity because I mean who cares (just kidding, but not really, ok just kidding). Normal hair porosity doesn’t present problems like low and high porosity hair does. So, for you normal ladies, keep reading so you’ll know some tips and tricks in case your hair swings to high-po or low-po and you too will be able to keep your high or low porosity hair growing thru the ups and downs


Use light HAIR OIL like this one is the best for low porosity hair. They’re considered light because their molecules are small enough to quickly absorb into the hair and adds deep down shine without all the greasiness. This all natural hair oil contains a perfect blend of light and heavier oils use on all hair especially before washing and as a hot oil treatment.

Nourish Hair Oil By Curl Again

Low porosity hair loves HEAT – it opens up the cuticle and allows all the moisture and conditioners in. It’s better than ok to incorporate indirect heat into your wash-day routine by sitting under a hair dryer. Ladies, if you’re always multi-tasking like me and you rarely find the luxury to sit under a hair dryer for a half hour, I have the answer.

These heat caps are the bomb-biggady! They are microwavable and affordable…oh yes hunty, gettum gurl! They’re a deal changer for me and my healthy hair regimen and wash day routine. Now if you wear it outside, I would suggest a decorative scarf to cover it, uhmm, I’m just saying.

Curl Again Microwave Heat Conditioning Hair Bonnet Cap

A SIDE NOTE ON HAIR OILS - I do not recommend using this hair oil if you plan on applying high heat to the hair for a blow-out or silk press. It’s alright to use hair oil afterward though.

pssssst...If you need a heat protectant that will lock in moisture and protect your hair during thermal styling we’ll be coming out with one this month and giving away a FREE SAMPLE with every order! Make sure you’re signed up on our email list and ALLOW notifications🤳 , so you don’t miss out on private sales, freebies, and promos.

As I mentioned before, buildup on low-porosity hair is a problem and protein overload can snap your hair like a dry twig. Soooo – remove buildup and add nourishing minerals and moisture with this bentonite rhassoul and kaolin clay hair masque. It will bounce back dry lifeless curls in one wash. I love it as there’s no need to shampoo or condition afterward – unless you really want to.

Curl Again Bentonite Clay Masque Hair Mask Rhassoul Kaolin Clay Mud


For your sake dear reader,  I’m going to keep this brief. Basically, do the opposite of what you would do for low-po hair...

Washday - Use Lukewarm to Cool Water to Cleanse & Condition as needed and STAY AWAY FROM HEAT. Those cuticles need to be sealed so you’ll want to use heavier creams and butters in your natural hair regimen.

When styling the high porosity sections of my hair I use the All-In-One Riche Mousse to define my curls then seal in the moisture with the Hair Growth Scalp Balm or the Hair Buttah Crème. It really is amazing how well defined my hair is and how it maintains moisture FOR DAYS!!.

FOR HAIR GROWTH – less manipulation of the hair the better, period. Detangling is key, period. Detangle before wash and before setting your style. Use fingers to detangle hair from the ends to scalp. Only then should you use a wide tooth seamless comb that won’t snag and to work out mats. Keep your ends trimmed to prevent freakin’ fairy knots that cause breakage.

Wide tooth seamless comb

ABOUT STYLING & MAINTENANCE - For styling and maintenance, use your fingers to detangle your hair. Detangle before washing too. This amazingly versatile leave-in moisturizing detangler is a go-to styler for a mid-week touch-up. It adds much-needed moisture for dryer sections of my hair. It conditioners and refreshes hair and is light enough to prevent buildup on my hair and scalp.

BEST SELLER ALERTS FOR FRIZZ FREE STYLING - Real Flax Seed Hair Gel is heaven on low-po 4c hair and gives long lasting medium hold and deep shine to use on damp clean hair and style.  The All-In-One Riche Hair Mousse is a verrry moisturizing medium weight creamy dreamy pudding type curl definer that will give you high-po sisters soft frizz-free and flake free curls with moisture you hair will drink up.  

Hair Growth Scalp Balm by Curl Again

HAIR LINE GROWTH – Your hairline by itself is a unique structure different from your scalp. The muscles around the hairline are weaker and the hair follicles here are weaker too.  Therefore, it’s very important to be gentle with your edges.

You can nourish and tame your edges with this bomb-bomb-bomb BALM! It’s a medium weight balm that contains beeswax for nourishment and hold as well as the healing properties of shea butter and natural essential oils that stimulate the hair follicle. My hairline is full thick and just as long as the rest of my hair. This can be used as a cream sealer and is easily washed out of hair and scalp.

I know summa yaw want to slay and lay those edges with gel and a toothbrush every time you style your hair but --- doooooon’t do it! You are asking for trouble with a capital H – HAIR LOSS. I’m 4c so I ain’t fooling nobody with “baby hair” – not to mention I’m 50+ years, lol. 

Any-who chill out on pulling your hair up in tight high puffs and pineapples too.

What question do you have about your hair porosity and hair growth?

Listen, I certainly enjoyed our little chat and sincerely hope you found it enlightening and can use the chart. If so, go ahead and share this with your friends and family – they’ll appreciate it too 😘

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