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What is Flaxseed Gel? Most DIY-ers know and have used flaxseed gel recipes to make the thick slimy gel at home only to find that it’s time consuming boiling and separating the seed from the gel, and it yield only lasts for a week at best!  Flaxseed hair gel users know its worth it because of the frizz taming hair revitalizing curl defining properties of pure flaxseed gel some are listed here:

  • Rich Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Abundant Source of Vitamin E & B6
  • Rich Source of Minerals Include Copper, Magnesium, Folate, Zinc, Potassium,
  • Promotes Hair Growth

Now ladies, you already know that you can find Flaxseed make at home recipes all over the internet and if you have the time and energy you can make it every couple of weeks  OR you can use Curl Again Real Flaxseed Gel made FRESH with love.  We add natural ingredients to boost the power of this amazing curly hair gel including Aloe Vera Juice, Slippery Elm Root and hair nourishing Coconut Castor and Avocado Oil and Essential Oil. We use safe to use and natural paraben free preservatives so you can use for up to 6 months without going bad.

flaxseed curly hair gel

To get those fly curly girl styles with defined and popping curls you need to start with the right hair and scalp cleanser and conditioner that won’t strip hair, leaves it smooth as buttah and strong enough to handle detangling and styling. 

Here's How To Use Our Flaxseed Hair Gel In 3 Easy Steps:

1) On freshly washed and slightly air dry hair (about 90% dry) that’s been detangled apply and smooth in from root to ends (pay extra attention to those ends love).  

2) Work in manageable sections and know that smaller sections=more definition, larger sections=looser definition.  Use more on thick thirsty damaged hair.  Less on fine hair. Now give it a twist, braid, finger curl or wash and go! You’ll love how fast hair sets and how soft and touchable your curls hang without buildup (cause sometimes those washdays may be a week or more before we get to it!)

3) Allow to dry and separate.  I like to use a little oil to help smooth the process and keep in moisture. I unwind my ends then unwind the locks, before separating strands and fluffy out roots with fingers or hair pick. 

Flax Seed Gel Flexigel Flaxseed Hair Gel 4a 4b 4c 3a 3b 3c

I always lock in moisture with this nourishing hair oil and treat my scalp with this hair growth balm after my hair is sectioned off. My hair is 4a 4b and 4c and I can bring back my curls with another application of the flax seed gel and/or any one or a combination of these:

          Scalp Tea TreeMint Spray – a very light moisturizing mist made with Aloe Vera and essential oil that adds just enough moisture to hair and scalp – the mint is so refreshing!! I use this when I know I have to wash my hair but need to stretch it for a couple of days. Cools and refreshes scalp, removes odors and stops itch.

          Leave In Moist. Detangler – a light moisturizing liquid is my mid-week booster that removes any fairy knots and tangles when I finger detangle and style.  Just apply enough to give moisture and give my original style new life.

          All In One Curl Definer– This curl definer has it all! It’s a medium weight creamy hair definer that boost curl holding power. No flake no crunch no buildup.  Takes a little longer to dry than the FlaxSeed Gel. Some sections of my hair and my ends tend to get dry so I use it as a finishing touch to those areas.

real pure flaxseed hair gel soft fresh handmade recipe

October is our Customer Appreciation Month 🎉and you can get a FREE BOTTLE OF FLAX SEED GEL but you have to subscribe and ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS!  Sharing is caring so spread the word – we greatly appreciate it and love you!

Got questions on our real flaxseed gel?

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