Low Porosity & High Porosity Curly Hair Emergency

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This past week I had a hair emergency yaw.  It started on washday with my type 4a-b-c hair (yep all three) getting fairy knots and just locking up on itself which I combated with a detangler.  After washing it still felt a little rough so I decided to condition which made detangling a little bit better and the natural curls appeared but the textured strands still didn’t seem right.  Styling was a disaster!  My curls were not cooperating and I had a full blown Curly Hair Emergency on my hands.  

Then I realized something…

 High Porosity Low Porosity Black Curly Hair Tips Care Buildup Emergency Problems Fix

My hair seemed that it needed more and more moisture and so I was giving it what I though it needed and going about my business.  After coming out of a hot summer this was my curly girl routine.  Typically my hair leans to being normal to low porosity which is easily manageable, but what I had been doing wasn’t working anymore and I was in full blown Curly Hair Emergency mode.

If you haven’t guessed by now what caused the emergency, don’t worry – it  took me a few days to understand what happened. 

Product buildup. Period 😢

Keep reading for tips on how I dealt with this common Curly Hair Emergency – pronto!

Cause of  Product Build Up –

Using heavy products – like oils, butters, waxes, silicone, petroleum products – on hair can prevent it from absorbing moisture if not removed thoroughly from the scalp and hair. 

Now this can be a problem for us kinky coily girls because we don’t want to dry out the hair by stripping it of it’s natural oils-whether your low porosity or high porosity. 

So here’s what I recommend for both porosity types...🥰

The Natural Characteristics & Care of Low-Po Hair –

Tightly closed tight closed flat cuticles prevents moisture from enter hair shaft. (think long time for water to absorb into hair on wash day – remember, this is a sign of product buildup too!!)

Care includes a hair and scalp deep cleanser lighter hair oils, or whipped butters

Heat is your friend (think HEALTHY hair dryer, heated deep conditioning microwavable caps and using warm water on wash day)

Apply styling products to damp hair for best results

Lo-Po Acquaintances, But Definitely Not A Close Friend –

Tooo much protein is not your friend – it will leave protein sensitive hair dry brittle and prone to hair breakage!  On the other hand it is an important part of keeping hair healthy.  Most conditioners contain some amounts of protein (wheat, silk amino acids, and panthenol which acts like protein.  It’s important that the products you use do not contain protein in every products (protein in shampoo, protein in conditioner, protein in styling products, etc=protein overload).   We only add protein to our conditioner so that it provides hair with the elasticity it needs for you hair to continue growing (no hair plateaus) and help with managing curls that go through a lot of taming.

CURL AGAIN TIP:  Heat up cold shampoos & conditioner in hot water; heat oils butters and high **moisturizing styling products** in hands by rubbing them together before applying! When styling apply products to damp (not wet) hair.

CURL AGAIN TIP TO REMOVE BUILDUP – Lo Pos like myself need to ideally wash their hair 1x a week just for the moisture💦  This is where I slipped up and caused of my Hair Emergency.  It was going 2 weeks  (again) without a washday  during a busy period (remember Customer Appreciation Month? 😇).   The fix?  I used this Bentonite 3 Clay Masque (a dry mixture of Koalin & Rhassoul & Bentonite), it’s a triple crown winner as it removes buildup and imparts healthy minerals and interacts with hair on a molecular level to chelate (hard water, swimming)  and detoxify hair to put those soft springy curls right back into your huuurrr in a hurry!

Just add your favorite items like aloe, acv,or essentials oils (try lemon, tea tree or peppermint).  Clays balance the hair on a molecular level; adds vitamins and minerals that your hair will love; detoxifies hair and scalp:and attaches to and absorbs buildup to wash it away!

Honestly, I really could have prevented this with the Curl Again Scalp & Hair Cleanser which is made with healthy cleansers and oils that safely and effectively remove product buildup from hair for a clean fresh start! But if you got buildup...go for the clay another TIP :  make sure you have a jar on hand BEFORE YOUR  HAIR EMERGENCY 🚑, lol, this happens to all of us right?

You know the fact that most African American textured kinky coily curly type 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c hair chicka’s don’t wash their hair as often as – a’hem – other hair types; and in between times, we are still adding products (light and heavy) and overtime, we get Curly Hair Emergencies aka product buildup!  So remember if you've been busy and have gotten away from your routine, treat your low porosity hair to a hair masque.

high porosity hair treatment fix tips

Basics of Caring for High Porosity Hair

The Natural Characteristics & Care of High Po Hair –

Easily absorbs water and but because cuticle is open will easily loose moisture as well;

Curls look frizzy (remember this can be a sign of product buildup too)

Curly dry out fast (product buildup?)

Caring for Hi Po Curls

Use products that hydrate hair and are lightweight like this leave in moisturizer.  If you live in warm humid climate you want to stay away from things that attract the moisture from the air into the hair (humectants)

Your hair will benefit from more conditioning (than low-po) with protein to help keep your curls strong.

Rinse hair in cool water (closes cuticle to lock in moisture); detangle hair with this leave in moisturizing detangler...!! Chocked full of aloe vera, coconut oil, slippery elm and essential oils that penetrate the cuticle will prevent dry ends and tangles. 

High Po Acquaintances, But Definitely Not A Close Friend –

Heat is not your friend (think air dry)

CURL AGAIN TIP:  Find a LOC/LCO method that works for you in any combination. LLO or LOLC or LLC you have to find what works for you.   Use a **leave-in moisturizer with a penetrating oil** or **whipped hair butter**, and make sure to pay special attention to the ends of your hair.

Now that my emergency has passed I hope you can use some of these tips and products to put a stop to your Curly Hair Emergency.  We all have them because we just get so busy with life that we loose track of caring for ourselves.  Pickup the items above and keep them in your hair first aid kit.  

What was the cause of your last hair emergency?

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