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When we think about Mom it brings back fond cozy memories (hopefully).   Giving honor to those women that cared and nurtured us is why we celebrate Mother’s Day….annnd what better way than to give a gift that helps that special woman, wife, sister, aunt, granny pamper herself, unwind and relax from the never-ending duties of motherhood. 

Gift Ideas for Black Moms During Shelter In Place Stay At Home Curl Again Blog Post

Granted, this Mother's Day many Moms will be at home working, schooling and doing just about everything from home-base.  Sooo, with that in mind, grab your purse and let's make the most of it shall we ladies?!

I put together this post with some things that any mom would love to really enjoy her time at home, and help her to transition from having to work outside the home, to being stay-at-home anndd back to work again (it'll happen). 

I've also included a few things at the end for her to take care of her delicate curls, heal her beautiful cocoa black skin and soothe her tender scalp and, well…just make her feel like a million dollars with the extra time she's saving from commuting back and forth to work, school, etc.  Enjoy...


Maybe the time for handmade Mother’s Day Card has passed, but as a Mom and Grandmother, I still cherish family pictures and memories framed in unique frames.  Dig out old photos and get them restored or surprise her with a print of one of her favorite places.  Here’s some popular and affordable frames you can have delivered right to your (or her) door.  She will remember those precious moments and relive the good times all over again.

Curl Again Natural Hair and Scalp Care Blog for Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Black Women Stay At Home Mom

Mom Put Your Hair Up, Kickback and Relax

Mother’s Day is when we think about how much mom has done for us and we just want her to chill out and enjoy being an important part of the family.  She will when you gift her these items…(make sure you pass this article along to the hubby and kids, wink-wink, lol)

Simple, inexpensive, practical -- I can never, never EVER get enough of silk scrunchies especially when they are as cute as these…ANNNND did I say they’re silk so they don’t drag on your hair - yea’ boy.  They’re stretchy and come in fashionable and everyday colors. Grab a few sets for braids, extensions or BIG NATURAL CURL AGAIN HAIR, lol.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Black Natural Hair Mom 2020

and for nighttime sleeping,  I still love these scarves yaw..

Silky scarves for Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Just in case the black queen for the day has to move from her throne, shod her feet with these slippers (I know, I know🤷🏽‍♀️ they’re not all that glamorous, BUT when your dogs are howling – baaa-bay give ‘em a bone, or a pair of these, haha!

Mothers Day Gifts for Black Moms 2020

Now to be honest, some times my feet overheat in these especially during warmer weather, so for every day house shoes (literally shoes that I just wear around the house) for tired feet, I’ll put on a pair of crocks and I’m good to go for some hours! Support, ventilated, stay put strap and protects those toes. 

Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Stay At Home Moms

When I find a pair of shoes that are super comfortable, I always get a few more pairs in different colors so if mamma likes these then you know what to keep on getting her.  Trust me she’ll appreciate it-- wouldn’t you?!

Nowwww, all this is for the making of a lady of leisure.  This lounge wear is comfy casual and affordable.  Check the labels for comfy breathable cotton or high percentage natural fiber blend.  These are perfect for those days at home (and we’re all spending more time doing that – and that’s a good thing!).

Best Mothers Day Gift Ideas for 2020 Stay at home work from home black moms

Practical sensible heartfelt ideas are what mean the most.  Items just for that special woman even if it's just you!! Matter of fact, enjoy premium Skincare and Natural Hair Care Items -- they're always appreciated!  

This 2 piece scalp treatment set will always be used. Nourishes scalp encourages fuller hair growth and helps to prevent premature greying.  If mom is wearing wigs or weaves or braids THIS IS A MUST! For "new" natural moms that are transitioning or going for the big chop will get a boost to their hair growth with this 5 Piece Natural Hair Growth and Scalp Care Set.


Here a natural hair gadgets to help with healthy hair maintenance:  a Hair Steamer.  These microwavable caps are wonderful for DIY at home scalp massage and "warm" oil conditioning treatment with this Nourishing Hair Growth Oil for improved elasticity and deep down shiny hair for weeks! Now if you want to make more of a bigger is better statement to Mom on Mothers Day --  better check out the hooded steamers too!

Microwaveable hair steamer cap mothers day gift ideas

There’s soo much to choose from and I could go on an on. None of these are extremely expensive and can be boxed together in a beautiful care package for today's new work from home and stay at home moms. 

Black Moms Gift Ideas for Mothers Day Work From Home Stay At Home

Finally, I would strongly encourage you to include one of these Disinfecting Kits while they are still available (or 3rd go round).We secured this disinfectant just for our Curl Again family and their families.  It makes 2 GALLONS OF DISINFECTANT SPRAY THAT KILLS ALL TYPES OF MICROBES INCLUDING COVID 19. 

Gift Ideas for Mothers Day Black Mom stay at home work from home

Keep one in your home and use it to clean surfaces this fall and winter when social distancing is a thing of the past.  Send one to your child’s teacher as a gift (it's Teacher’s Appreciation Month, trust me they will appreciate it while their cleaning their classrooms before school starts again). 

Each kit comes with gloves, a few cotton cloths, HOSPITAL GRADE PROFESSIONAL MULTI-CIDE (look it up ladies) annnd a moisturizing hand sanitizer. 

Celebrate life, enjoy your family, practice good health be it mental physical and spiritual. Oooh be sure to ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS FOR MAY🤳🏽⚡ We're doing FLASH SALES EVERY WEEKEND STARTING MAY 1ST.  Don't Miss Out.

Wishing all you ladies, my sisters, a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY🌺. 

What else would you add to your Stay At Home - Work From Home
Mother’s Day wish list?


Peace and love,


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