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Wigs: Natural Curly Hair & Scalp Care & Maintenance | Summer Hair Tips & Advice

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Summer is officially here with its heat and a time where we see more women who are wearing their natural textured kinky curly coily hair in afros twists knots and braids. For some African American women it’s also the perfect time to start transitioning hair or going for the big chop while sporting a cool twa.

Curl Again Summer Hair Natural Curly Tips Wigs Natural Lace Front Forever Beautiful Care Maintenance

Whatever your style you want a routine for your hair and scalp that makes healthy forever beautiful hair maintenance easy; a regimen and system designed especially for your Type 3 and Type 4 hair and combination hair (YES THERE’S A DIFFERENCE !). You want it to be affordable AND has high quality ingredients, AND free from sulfates, petroleum, paraben, phthalates, silcones and cheap fillers – ya’ll know that’s Curl Again Natural Hair and Scalp Care Products… Who I’m really after this Summer are my sisters who are making my scalp itch and burn with this look  🔥🔥🔥 !!

Curl Again Blog Summer African American Hair Wig Lacefront Beautiful
It frys my imagination that here, in the hot Dallas Texas heat(and across the country in New York, the Carolinas, Florida, Illinois, Atlanta and California too…), some of our dear sisters are running around wearing lacefront wigs AND hats on top of those natural wigs --- as if the wig wasn’t hot enough 😭 .

My soul cries out…WHHHHHHY?

Darlin’ your scalp has got to be on 200 degrees in the summer heat! On top of that, the sweat, the heat, lack of air flow, the heat, the damage to your hair follicles and your scalp from friction and…THE HEAT!

Natural Hair and Scalp Care Stop Itch Heat Inflammation Hair Loss

Disclaimer - Now I’m not talking about those who have lost their hair due to medical conditions and illness. My target are the wig wearers and/or hat wearers who have hair and decided the wig (natural or synthetic) is easier than dealing with their own hair or believe it looks better than their own hair.


IMO a properly fit, styled, high quality and well maintained, cleaned and groomed wig is a work of art and a thing of beauty, just like our natural hair…and IMHO your own properly fit, style high quality well maintained, cleaned and groomed NATURAL HAIR will always always look sooo much better than a wig (especially the cheap bad hairhat wigs!)

Curl Again Natural Curly Black Summer Hair
So, young ladies spend the time and effort to learn how to properly take care of your hair and scalp, subscribe to our blog and read the articles where you can learn how to use our products to maintain and care for your hair and if you choose grow it longer faster and stop hair loss. My sisters around my age (let’s just say 40 and up) the same applies to you. Read and shop now to get started the right way taking care of your precious scalp and natural curly hair.

Recommendations:  If you are wearing a wig, or if your getting a weave cornrows braids extensions or weave below is my number one recommendations for taking care of your hair and scalp:

The Scalp Treatment set is a dynamic duo that will keep your scalp cool and refreshed with natural ingredients that stop itching, fights odors and bacteria and fungal infections. Mist a little on your scalp when you remove your wig and apply a light amount of balm to protect your scalp and prevent hair breakage and loss caused by wigs and tight skull caps.

Take it to your hairstyling appoint when your getting your extension and weaves installed to ease tightness scalp tenderness and stop itching and inflammation which is a cause of hairloss especially around the hairline (those little bumps after braiding is an indication of hair being pulled to tight and the hair follicle is inflamed which loosens the hair as the scalp naturally tries to stop damage to the protective layer of skin.

Curl Again Natural black Hair Growth and Scalp Care for women children kids toddler family

Hair Growth and Scalp Care System For Women and Children  
Order your full 5 Piece Hair Growth set here… and of course for mom’s we have our Kidz line too!  

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Stay safe and stay cool this summer

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