Natural Hair Remedies Regimens | A Review of Black Hair Growth Care and Product Ingredients

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Ladies, I've been thinking about what I could bring to you this month and looked at what I was doing in my own personal life. A review, mixed with some new information, on black hair care and products would be perfect! Therefore, let us begin with some common sense and let it rule each day this New Year - read on!

Curl Again New Year Regimen Remedies Product Review

We are a pretty savvy bunch of naturalistas.  You and I both know that that our senses, those immediate sensory experiences and feelings can sometimes be misleading, especially when it comes to our natural hair and hair care products. So, I just want to take a moment of your time to talk about what’s real and what’s not, so grab a cuppa tea and settle in.

You know, it still surprises me with all the information available to the general public (that's you and me, lol) that some professionals in the natural black hair industry are more caught up in the “feel” of products and pay no attention to the results of a product. Especially the long term results. Isn't that what really matter? Proven effectiveness and the safety a product? I think so and I think you do too.  

Curl Again Blog Natural Hair Growth Scalp Care Products

Look, we know our hair is textured and gets tangly and can be downright unruly, but so what? I still want the best hair products for my black kinky hair. Products that are safe and gives me the results I want - a healthy scalp and hair growth, period! 

And.......I want it fresh..... and made with natural products.... without all those chemical fillers on the label! Speaking of labels, if you’re not using freshly handmade natural black textured hair care products, chances are you may run into unsafe parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. Here’s why you want to avoid them:

Curl Again Natural Hair & Scalp Care Healthy Products

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) – this sulfate is a common ingredient found in shampoos to thicken and make it foam. It is very VERY drying to naturally hair because it is a surfactant which strips away oil including your hairs natural sebum. The Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database lists it as a "moderate hazard" that has been linked to cancer, neurotoxicity, organ toxicity, skin irritation and endocrine disruption.

Now, that’s not something I want in my washday routine. This is why I created this healthy natural hair and scalp cleanser. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you understand the importance of a sulfate free cleanser that effectively removes dirt debris and buildup from the scalp and hair without stripping the hair or its natural oil. A natural cleanser is lightweight made with oils and creates a low foam. This is a GOOD thing! 

Parabens – are used as preservatives in beauty products, namely propylparaben and benzylparaben. Parabens imitate the hormone estrogen which causes disruptions to the bodys natural hormonal function of reproduction, bone growth and blood clotting. (a and cause hormone disrupters. This is the main reason why Curl Again Natural Hair and Scalp Care products are made fresh with love and with natures preservatives including tea tree oil, rosemary oil and vitamin E.

Phthalates – in haircare products have names like DCP (dibutyl phthalates) DMP (dimethyl phthalate) DEP (diethyl phthalate) DEHP (Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate) BzBP (benzylbutyl phthalate) etc “phthalate” you get the picture. This stuff is used in hair products to form a film around hair so check that shampoo and that cheap store bought hair gel gurl. This stuff is linked to cancer!!

Curl Again African American Natural Hair Growth and Scalp Care Products

Let’s move on to a few pointers on what we should be doing instead:

1) Use products that work together – finding a brand with all the products in the line readily available are important. This is the only way to get the best results over and over year after year. A starter set of natural hair products can be found here.

2) Read Read Read – directions and labels. This will help you to determine if the ingredients are safe and how to use. Remember the first three ingredients on the label are pretty much what the product is made of, period! Watch out for cheap fillers and chemical ingredients.

3) Avoid Chemicals – limit your exposure when coloring or straightening or texturizing your hair. If you absolutely must use them don’t apply to your scalp. If you're transitioning or have scalp issues from past exposures, try this scalp treatment set.

Curl Again Natural Hair Blog

4) Examine Your Healthy Hair Regimen – this varies from person to person and what works for one person may not work for another. We all have different hair right?  You can avoid wasting time and money and disappointing results by - 

a. Keep Scalp and Hair Clean -what does that look like to you? I have 4a-4c hair and I can go two weeks without washing my hair under normal circumstances. The natural products that I use don’t cause buildup which attracts a lot of dirt and pollution. A clean scalp is key and that’s why me that’s why I love this cleanser. It’s able to reach my scalp and spreads easily when I massage it in before rinsing it out. Loooooooooove it AND it smells good too? That’s a winner for me!!

b. Conditioning Hair – Is It Too Much of A Good Thing? Ladies, here's the NEWs. What I’m about to tell you may be controversial, so here I go…ready?! You don’t need to condition your hair every wash day!  Is this an OMG she's lost her flipping mind moment?!  Now let me ‘splain first... If you’re using the right product to wash your scalp and hair, a product that doesn’t strip your naturally textured hair of its natural oils AND it contains natural conditioners that smooth and detangles your hair, could it be that maybe it’s not necessary to condition your hair after every wash?

Curl Again Natural Hair Growth Scalp Care Products for Black African American Textured Men Women Children Kids


Let me ask you another question- could it be that if you can use a conditioner to pre-poo your hair the opposite can be true too? That you can use products like a cleanser and a detangler to “pre-condish” your hair too? (pre-condish new word alert, you hear it here first lol!) 

As a Type 4 hair chick, my thick mane of hair is more fragile and needs more detangling than most other hair types. To have grown my hair to the middle of my back I’ve adopted this washday pre-condish method: I apply cleanser to my scalp and detangler on my hair. I only use the conditioner when my hair is stressed from pollution or over styling. This works best for me and has kept my hair healthy and growing long and strong, especially on the top of my head.

My inherited crown, like many type 4s, used to suffer from easy breakage and seemed to never past a couple inches and growth was thin. The problem is that this section of my hair is very sensitive to even the smallest amount of protein which the rest of my hair needed and loved. Over conditioning seemed to make the problem worse that is UNTIL I started the pre-condish method.  Now, I find that I get all the conditioning I need from the pre-condish method and the styling products in this set!

Natural Type 4C hair breakage on crown Curl Again Natural Hair Growth Scalp Care

LCO LOC ABC – It’s time we stop playing the alphabet game and pay closer attention to our individual hair needs on a daily basis. You can only take care of your hair if you have all the products you need that are formulated to work together! If your hair is dry and needs moisture this leave-in-moisturizer is the perfect detanglers. Use it alone or lock it in with oils or butters. If your hair won’t draw in moisture maybe you need to detoxify it with this bentonite clay masque or put some heat on it to improve the condition (a cap or a dryer will do the trick).

Tie It Up – will help keep hair moisturized and tangle free especially at night. I like these silky scarves. They’re the right size and affordable so when one gets lost behind the headboard – wink wink – I got another one in my nightstand

Curl Again Silk Scarves

If you’ve been following me for any time you know I am dedicated to bringing you information on the best products that are safe and fresh. Products that really grow hair at affordable prices. I will continue to do that this year and will be expanding the line so stay tuned.

Also, I want to thank you all for your response to our newest product Real Flax Seed Gel. We have been getting excellent reviews many of which you all got at a discount, so be sure to join our email list for this month’s discount code if you wanna pick one up and try it! Oh, and you’ll want to ALLOW 🤳 mobile notifications when they popup cause you never know when I'll set it off with a store clearing event!

Curl Again Real Flax Seed Gel Discount Code January 2019

As always my sister, sharing is caring so let your friends and family know about this blog. You can check us out on social media on Pinterest,  Instagram and Facebook.

Wishing you all the Best of 2019

Happy New Year!


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