Natural Hair Winter Weather Tips To Keep Natural Hair Moisturized & Healthy

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Winter natural hair can leave you wandering in a winter wonderland of what to do with your dry locs. Natural hair is at the mercy of low humidity from indoor heat, outdoor cold dry winds, hats, scarves, etc. With the winter upon us you may be wondering how can I keep may hair moisturized?!  Well my natural hair sistah, here's some up to date info so keep reading.

Curl Again Natural Hair Scalp Skin Care Winter Hair Care Moisturized

As usual, I've gathered alot of info for you and put together in this Natural Hair Winter Weather Survival Guide below which has our Top 3 Tips and DIY Tricks for dry hair remedies and hairstyles to keep hair moisturized, growing and looking beautiful.

1) Re-evaluate Your Natural Hair Products & Routine  – In last months post, I told you about my Hair Emegency and what to do when it happens to you. Maybe, your hair has become less porous and it takes a long time to absorb moisture? Or maybe it’s the opposite and it’s too saturated to hold a curl pattern. Listen to what your hair is telling your and take the time to fix it. I make it a habit of detoxing and clarifying my 4c hair with this Bentonite Clay Masque every 6 weeks in winter. Just know that using any clay masques more often in the winter can be a cause for drying. So use it a a treatment. For me this mask help to detox and remove product buildup on my hair and scalp

Click for Clarifying Bentonite Rhassoul Detox Mask

Each season is a good time to re-evalute your curly hair products. The products that worked in the summer or fall may not be what you need during winter. You may need more of one and none of the other. Ladies, it’s very VERY important to make sure you find an entire system of natural hair and scalp care products that are formulated work together. This is how to get the best results for your natural hair. It also keep you from being a frustrated hair junkie when your beauty store aisle runs out or stops stocking that one item you think you need.

Take time to re-evaluate your curly girl LOC/LCO method. My 4c hair always needs moisturizing liquid, but just straight water doesn’t cut it for me and tends to leave my hair dryer. Instead I use and alternate between this leave in moisturizer (after washing) and this AMAZING All-In-One Curl DefinerThis creamy pudding definer is life to my hair and it is sooooo versatile as you will see when you read on. Also for really dry days, after moisturizing and styling my hair, I give it a good drink of Nourishing Growth Oil  or these "delicious" seasonal Whipped Hair Butters  and bam! I'm back!!

Just know that if your LOC method isn’t working, fix it by switching to LCO.

Keep reading, there's more...

2) Keep Those Ends Trimmed - Sometimes when I think my ends feel dry and rough it I always grab my trimming shears to snip the ends and and fly-a-way hairs that pop out of my twists  Give it a try and you will be amazed at how much smoother your hair feels. Invest in a good pair of PROFESSIONAL shears (kitchen, craft shears are not the same!).

3) Give Yourself A “Hot” Oil Treatment –This is my go-to natural hair oil I use it when giving myself a "hot"oil treatment. It contains all the wonderful nourishing oils that thirsty hair needs to main moisture. It give deep shine and elasticity which helps prevent breakage. After washing hair apply oil (not hot) oil to your hair and cover for 30 minutes (sitting under a dryer is best). Rinse with warm water. This hot oil treatment can give your hair amazing long lasting moisturizing results that you may not be getting by just conditioning!

4) Protect your hair from the cold by covering your head. Silky scarves and lined hats will prevent your curls from getting tangled and roughed up while wearing hats and turned up collars. Wearing hats are a bonus as they also keep moisture in!

5) Protective Hairstyles With A Twist  – Whether you decide on quick and easy crotchet braids, curly faux locs or box braids or a Seneglese twist, all are a great option. Why? Because you can buy the style and easily do it yourself!  When wearing these styles it’s really important to keep your hair moisturized because synthetic hair can be very rough and drying on your natural hair. While wearing your protective style use this leave in conditioner that prevents dryness. Use it again as a detangler during your take down to prevent hair breakage.  You will notice fuller hair and how soft and moisturized your hair has become.

Natural Hair Winter Survival Guide by Curl Again Natural Hair Scalp Care

6) Rock a Wig or Get a ClipNatural wigs and natural hair clip-ins extensions are another fast alternative if you don’t have the time. While they may have a natural curl pattern, most inexpensive hair pieces still can be synthetic so you wil still need maintenance underneath. Now if you need to give your hair and scalp the attention under that wig, use this natural hair growth and scalp care system with a bomb hair balm that will help you protect your edges.

Click for Natural Hair Clips Available Curl Again Winter Hair Survival Guide

Now listen up as what I'm about to tell you is reallly important! Keep your wigs and extensions fresh and ODOR AND FUNGUS FREE with a light of spray of this scalp spray for disinfecting (and give your scalp a spray too!).

Next smooth hair and remove tangles and matted sections with this versatile detangler. Another tip: Always keep your wigs and clips clean and fresh and use hair nets to protect your real hair. You should still be using silky scarves to cover your head during the day and at during bedtime…and Beautiful lady, NEVER sleep in wigs or clips, okay? 

Well there you have it beautiful naturals. Your winter survival guide to keep your curly kinky coily heads moisturized during winter.  I hope this article gave you information you can use on how to keep your natural hair moisturized during winter.  If so tell me….

What methods do you use to keep your natural hair moisture during winter?

Just leave you comment below.

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Have A Happy Healthy Winter Beautiful!


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