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6 Natural Healthy Ways To Improve Naturally Curly Textured Hair Growth

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Natural curly hair growth depends on your overall health, genetics, and diy-at-home hair and scalp care regimen. Ladies we know that African American black textured hair does grow and understand that shrinkage is real.

Outside all this rhetoric it is important to remember that it is up to each of us to make sure we’re taking the best care of our kinky curly coils. You really can’t expect miracles at the salon if you’re not doing the work at home.

To help you with your hair growth journey, I've put together an interesting list of things to know, what you can do and places to go that are Natural Healthy Ways To Improve Naturally Curly Textured Hair Growth....without further ado, here’s some fresh tips that you can use to prep your hair for fresh growth of your 3A to 4C hair:

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Trim Your Ends & Say Bye To Tangles

Nothing ruins a put together look than straggly uneven, heat damaged lifeless ends. Trim your ends ladies -- regularly. Cutting your ends prevents breakage caused by tangling tiny knots.

You should always ALWAYS keep a pair of hair-cutting shears on hand (“sicissor are not made for cutting hair – so if you’ve been grabbing your kitcynen scissors, stooooooooooop it already. Get these affordable Professional Hair Cutting Shears below and you will be getting professional results at home as easy as a snip!

Curl Again Professional Curly Hair Cutting Shears

Oils Are Your Friends

Natural oils are your hair’s best friends. Some are better than others for growth, dryness, protecting from hair loss and nourishing the scalp. Many over the counter products are including them in their formulas to say “HEY LOOK, WE GOT THIS OIL”. Take a closer look ladies. If you see a whole lot of other stuff on the ingredients list that you can’t pronounce the name of, well the oil is just window dressing and not really enough to give your hair and scalp the nourishment and healing it needs for fast hair growth. 

That’s why I’m so proud of the Curl Again Natural Hair Growth and Scalp Care products. We use high quality paraben free sulfate free petroleum free essentials oils and healthy cleansers, conditioners and butters that your hair and scalp need. You will feel the difference in these products right away because they’re not artificially heavy with chemicals and ingredients that weigh your hair down or buildup on your scalp. Click on the link or pic above to learn more about these wonderful products then get a starter set or mix and match for the right combinations for your hair.

(Questions on Hair Porosity? Read "How To Grow High and Low Porosity Natural Curly Type 4 Hair"   pssst comes w/ a FREE downloadable Hair Porosity Chart!!) 

Ok, back on track: Here's a list of just some of the butters and oils and nautral ingredients in we use to grow hair long strong and beautiful FASSSSST!

Avacado Oil - this natural oil is a natural humectant and suncreen. It protects hair from breakage while nourishing it from the inside out.
Castor Oil - rich in ricinoleic acid and omega-6 essential fatty acides that promote blood circulation hence encouraging hair growth by strengthening the roots, nourishing the scalp, and protecting hair follicles from shedding.
Coconut Oil - has a natural hair’s lipid structure allowing it penetrate the hair and roots as it stimulates hair growth, nourishes hair follicles, reduces frizz and give hair healthy sheen. 
Olive Oil - is a natural curly hair must have as its rich in Vitamin E and healthy fats that promot growth and prevents breakage.
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Rosemary Peppermint Citrus Essential Oils - these essential oil promotes hair growth and improve circulation. It also helps to prevent premature gray hair and controls dundruff.
Sunflower Oil - this amazing oil is rich in vitamins and minerals that stimulate strong healthy hair growth and 
Tea Tree Oil - has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties to promote healthy scalp free from infections and odors.
Shea Butter - a natural anti-inflammatory humectant to draw moisture deep into damp hair and protects hair from drying out while keeping scalp healthy.
Flax Seeds - We also use Flax Seeds to make our best selling Real Flax Seed Gel fresh with conditioners and natural antioxidants for deep shine and long lasting frizz frer curl definition
Vitamin B5 - Just a little of this goes a long way in balancing the need for protein with moisture to keep hair strong but not brittle.
Curl Again Kidz - is a line formulated for the special needs of children 3-12 whose hair is still in its formative years. 
Get Your Beauty Rest
Time changes due to traveling or daylight savings time can wreak havoc on your rhythms.
Curl Again Blog Healthy Natural Ways Tips Black Textured Hair Growth
A good nights sleep is precious to your health and for healthy hair. If you haven't been getting enough, squeeze in a  nap.  Here's a couple of things I do when I need to get in some zzzzzzzz-time:
Store Up Sleep -  Before any time change events I clear my schedule and make sure I get good quality rest . This works for me so I'm not easily depleted 
Coffee Naps - During long hauls, I take a coffee nap by drinking a cup of coffee or tea right before my nap. In a half hour or so, I awake alert and refreshed and ready for the rest of the day! 


Let It Rain 

Have you ever notice how lush and green grass looks after it rains..? Have you ever noticed how your plants grow super-duper quick after a rain..??  Rainwater is softer and contains fewer minerals that can be found in tap water.  God knows His business and that same rain is like mana from heaven for your hair so ditch the umbrella every now and again and loose your curls for a real treat! 

Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Right

Fresh whole fruits and veggies, protein and drink half your body weight, in ounces so your hair gets the building blocks it needs to grow. Do this before even considering a hair supplement.

Detox Your Hair and Remove Buildup & Oil Treatments

This Bentonite Clay Hair Masque contains Rhassoul and Kaolin clay and essential oils for a peferct blend to remove buildup and detox hair and scalp and adding needed oils and minerals to dull dry rough hair.

Plus...this liquid gold AH-MAZZZZZ-ING Nourishing Hair Oil is so versatile it can be used to massage scalp as well as a "warm" hot oil treatment.

If you've enjoyed the journey with as much as I have. Feel free to add your questions and comments below. OOOOH !!  Be sure to join our email list (it's that popup thingy), annnnd  "ALLOW" notifications 🤳🏽for private sales and special events. 

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