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While our routines may have changed, the seasons remain. Spring is here and Summer is on the way.  That’s a comforting thought in this new year and decade we’re living in.  What we need to keep in mind as we transition through these seasons is better care of ourselves and our families.  This even more important today than in was in the last decade.  Taking better care is more than social distancing.  It includes knowing where your personal care items come from.  This my dear is just as important as knowing where your food that you put into your body comes from. 

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So, in this post, I’m giving you a re-mash of an article I wrote five years ago about the importance of knowing where your hair care products come from and why freshly made natural hair products are better for you – periodt.  Before we get started, I think it’s important to look back over history to see how we got to this point in time from a natural hair care perspective. Through these lenses we can see how this applies on a national level and why I still believe that smaller local direct to customer business is a better way to ensure the best products and services.

Ready?   Let’s take a walk…back down memory lane (in my Minnie Ripperton voice🎶) on a natural hair journey over the past decade.✨✨✨

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Theresa Graves from 70s Televison Star - "Get Christy Love". 

From the 70s on, everyone was into relaxing, weaving and wigging.  Beauty chemicals could now be bought at the neighborhood beauty supply store to straighten our hair or wear synthetic or other people’s hair from China and Asia.  It was all at our fingertips.  Do you recall how we (yes, me included) would go into these stores because the neighborhood beauty supply had everything to straighten smooth lay and color our hair.  It was the place to go when we couldn’t find it on the two shelves super small section at the drugstore or at Sally or Becky’s (wink). I don’t know about you, but I always minded that’s all there was available in the whole dang gone store! Et tu? Ok, let’s say…

We minded.

Yes, we minded going to those stores owned by people who didn’t have hair like ours and being relegated to a segregated section in the back of the store with dirty shelves with one or two items. We so happy to move on up to Johnson beauty products...about then is when the Jennies and Linns moved into our neighborhoods -- in these stores we minded being greeted at the store with suspicion and contempt and being followed with cameras on us. 


Curl Again April Blog

Oh yes hunty, We Minded…

When they had the audacity to put our products under lock and key. 

WE MINDED when those products started burning us and making us lose our hair and making us sick.  WE MINDED spending our hard earned money on a disillusion week after week searching for a fix and turning us into product junkies…yes…

WE MINDED and we still do!

We mind when “our companies” sell out to mainstream for corporate profits and promise  not to change the brand.  We mind when instead of improving on a formula they just slip in more chemical fillers along with a micro-minute-minuscule – drop of a natural ingredient and call it natural.  We mind when people who don’t understand our natural hair try to sell and tell us about our natural hair. 

We mind when we have to worry about who’s really making our products, where they’re coming from and how many hands have touched them from the manufacturer, the packer, the shipper, the receiver, the stock person, the shelf person, the many MANY STORE CUSTOMERS and that doesn’t include what goes on with the returns that go back on the shelves to be recycled back into the chain!  WE MIND!

Curl Again April Blog

Knowing where your products come from is just as important today as when I wrote on this topic five years ago.  In this post COVID-19 era it has even more significance.  When we started Curl Again 9 years ago as an answer to freshly made SAFE EFFECTIVE AND  AFFORDABLE natural hair products that were AVAILABLE directly to the customer, we did so with the mindset of getting HEALTHY PREMIUM PRODUCTS to everyone from our home directly to yours. 

We understood that not everyone is gonna care about your own -- like we do for you.  It was (and still is) more important to us to get things right with you instead of getting into a mass market “supply chain” of beauty supply stores, department stores, Amazon and dollar stores; or trying to sell you on gimmicks to game you, or while trying to make a big name for ourselves for bigger profits while skimping and compromising our products. 

Our focus has and always will be about you. Our products and services are for you.  We take responsibility for Curl Again Natural Product seriously because the bucks stops with us.  There’s no one else you gotta call or write or talk to or get the run-around.  My email address is and I value you and listen to you.  When you like it, we keep it...when you don’t -we won’t. 

Curl Again Natural Skin Scalp Hair Care

It’s all about you boo🥰 – Curl Again still loves you like we used to! (LOL)  

To tie all this together for you naturals, you may wonder what does this have to do with me?!  Well, I'm' glad you asked...

You’ve probably seen this new season we're in - a  COVID-19 environment  - most apparently when you visit brick and mortar stores, the main meeting place for people and products, all coming and going and back again.  Market places have always been this way. Personal care products in the store where they are exposed to many MANY people before you even look at it on the store shelf...and then you gotta wonder how many customers have handled it? 😫

Now, can imagine what's happening the store stockroom where they keep the inventory before it goes on the shelf?  Can you imagine what's happening during packing shipping and again during transportation?  What about at the giant distribution centers?...Yes, this is what exactly what happens to shelf products in a store supply chain. 

Here's one more thing to consider 🤔Shelf products go through so much handling and different environments that they need to be stabilized with extra chemical fillers. 

I believe that COVID-19 has exposed a weak or broken chain in this link and it's gonna be a hard one to fix  (if they are able to at all without vaccinations; but that's another subject altogether).  Maybe they (whoever they are) will decide to go about their big business as usual for profit and gain and let the chips fall where they may on the consumer…I’m just saying what I see and the only thing I’ve seen stores do is wipe down shopping carts and give their employees shield and masks…my question is are they wiping down their ingredients and inventory and shelves too. 

I doubt it that's why we each need to wipe down wash everything we bring into our homes.  All I’m saying is that I haven’t see anybody wiping down shelves and the items on the shelves  It would behoove us to continue to take precautions which is why we put together a SANITIZING KIT for you (keep reading to the end love). 

Regardless of what happens over these next weeks, we will all get through it if we use precaution and common sense.  Just know that Curl Again Natural Hair Skin and Scalp Care products will continue doing business as usual = knowing were our ingredients come from, sanitizing everything, making your products FRESH with SAFE PREMIUM INGREDIENTS, and getting your order to you asap during this time of shortages, and getting them to you asap with FAST DELIVERY conveniently and safely from our house to yours.

We want you and your loved ones to stay healthy.  One thing that goes a long way is keeping your hands clean. Where actual hand washing is not available our hand sanitizer will do the trick.  For a limited time, when you place your order add one of these travel size MOISTURIZING HAND SANITIZER  to your cart.  They're made with soothing and healing Aloe Vera Gel and 60% Alcohol natural microbial Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil (NOTE:  60% is more than effective at killing microbes -- anything higher is too harsh on the skin and can cause it to dry out to breakdown leaving it more susceptible to microbes! Yikes!!).  We almost were out of these within the first week but we have more for anyone who orders. 

Curl again hand sanitizing gel

Just add on a bottle for $2 with your order here (limit 1 per order).


Also, we have put together this DISINFECTING 5 PIECE SANITIZING KIT with vinyl gloves, cotton clothes and hospital grade sanitizer and a travel bottle of hand sanitizer.  We’re really excited to offer you a powerful disinfectant used by hospitals proven to kill the Corona virus and many more microbes (did I say hospital grade?   We really pulled some chains and called in some favors to get this to you!!).   Each pack comes with:

1 - Travel Size Moisturizing Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer,
3 - Disposable High Quality Cotton Towels For Cleaning,
2 – Pairs of Protective Large Size Vinyl Gloves,
1 - 2 oz Bottle of Hospital Grade ForPro Disinfectant* = 2 GALLONS OF DISINFECTING CLEANER🙌🏽


This 5 Piece Disinfecting Sanitizing Kit Is just $5 and is available here .  There’s no limit on the number of kits (for now)  This is a MUST HAVE KIT for:

      • Teachers Returning To School
      • Church Groups Recongregating
      • Remote Office Workers Returning Back To Work
      • Students Returning To Dorms
      • At Home For Your Family To Deep Clean

It’s just another way we choose to take better care of our family and yours.  Pickup one or more for church home office and for friends and family members.  We’re not limiting these kits which are available now while supplies last, so please don’t wait!

We love you, stay safe and stay healthy!

*ForPro Multi-Cide Hospital Grade Sanitizer & Disinfectant is the ONLY disinfectant, bactericidal, fungicide and virucidal cleaner you need as it is proven to KILL COVID-19.  This EPA registered and effective product can also be used against athlete’s foot fungus, black mold, Hepatitis B & C, HIV-1 and other virucidals. Up to 4X more powerful than other brands. The dilution rate is 1 oz. per gallon, so with each 2 oz bottle you get TWO GALLONS of product! Put in spray bottle to clean most surfaces (test before you use). For use by adults only and be sure to follow directions for dilution and application of the cleaner and keep all cleaning and personal care products out the reach of children and pets.

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