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Spring Healthy Natural Hair Maintenance!

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Hi Ladies! March has been a month full of activity and changes.  Daylight savings time, spring break, temperature changes, the wind, rain (still some snow in Chicago) make it challenging for Spring healthy natural hair maintenance! Even so, now is the time to get your curls in frizz free order. 

Just like our bodies we need to get our hair together for the upcoming holidays and celebrations. Easter, Mothers Day, Graduations and Weddings are right around the corner. Are you ready to get to work on growing healthy long strong hair that's soft beautiful and has a natural sheen? Try these helpful hair care tips and advice to make your naturally curly hair beautiful again.


If you want long strong beautiful hair, you must start with a healthy scalp.  Give it a treat with a scalp massage to dramatically improve scalp health. While you’re at it,  feed it and nourish it with this Hair Growth and Scalp Balm --- it’s the bomb! (and the secret sauce to my amazing hair growth - be sure to check out the latest youtube videos.  Did you know that regular massages improves blood circulation and lymph flow which will help to remove toxin. Regular massaging of the scalp can alleviate head and neck pain, migraines, itchiness and scalp dryness.  


Wash day: Use your fingertips massage the scalp while applying your hair and scalp cleanser and apply slight pressure on your scalp while massaging it and giving it a deep clean.

On dry hair: Refresh your scalp by spraying some Scalp Tea TreeMint on your scalp. Next melt a little of the Scalp Balm in your hands and massage and press firmly while you slide your hands across the scalp.  Start at the neck and up to your head, and do this for about 1-2 minutes twice a week. Your scalp will thank you for it!

Want the spa treatment? Just slightly dampen a towel and warm in microwave for 30 seconds (be careful!! make sure the temperature is comfortable for you to handle). Wrap the warm, wet towel on your head, relax and enjoy the luxury.

Stop Hair Loss Curl Again Rosemary Mint Natural Hair and Scalp Care Products



Spring hair loss is a normal physiological phenomenon that occurs in which we lose more hair than usual. I guess it’s our natural way of shedding what we won’t need for the warmer months.  While this normal hair loss is not dramatic it may be noticeable to you. Here’s what you need to do...don’t panic!

You can stimulate hair growth so that it remains just as full and thick as before. Here’s a few easy to follow tips for Spring Healthy Natural Hair Maintenance:

  • Use Rosemary Mint Citrus Natural Hair and Scalp Care products
  • Eat food that is good for your hair that contain zinc and magnesium iron and proteins (lay off the fast foods and eat whole unprocessed foods)
  • Keep scalp and hair clean and conditioned. Wash your hair at proper intervals (you know when) and use low pH products designed for your textured curly hair.
  • Get your hair trimmed

    When you follow these tips and suggestions, you will notice the difference right away.  You can find all the products mentioned here at CurlAgain.com.  Please leave your comments and questions below and I’ll be sure to answer you. Be sure to subscribe to get notifications on our latest posts, tutorials and promotions.

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    Have A Beautiful Spring

    Love, Rhonda



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