Summer Best Natural Hair Products for Black Natural Hair Growth

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Summer is the perfect time for black natural hair styles with cool ventilating curly hair, twists outs, braid outs which are a great way to promote fast black hair growth. Theres no secret to growing black hair long, the key is finding safe healthy natural hair growth products for your black hair regime for 3 to 4c that the give defined  curls or even transitioning hair. Ladies, even our guys want to know how to grow an afro. Help is on the way!

Curl Again Natural Hair and Scalp Cleanser Shampoo Conditioner Hair Growth for African American Black Hair Growth One Month 6 Months Year

My natural hair journey began with me deciding to live a more natural lifestyle after conquering breast cancer five years ago. Having used hair color and chemical relaxers on my hair for decades my hair was very thin, broke easily and my hairline was barely there! This led to the big chop. I researched the beauty industry and found that the best products are made by real people who have seen the effects of toxic hair and body care products pushed onto us by the mainstream media and decided to do something to stop the madness of unexplained health issues, illnesses, hair loss, loss of money, etc. (you name it) to develop their own high quality healthier products that work!

Unfortunately, some of us are still hung up on the price of natural hair products which arein f act becoming more affordable but you must know that quality is going to cost you a little more and aren’t you worth it? One motto I live by is “Quality over Quantity” because I’d rather have the best of something than a whole lot of nothing; and that’s what you get with these chemical laden products that are cheaper and leave you wondering why you or someone you love has migraines, asthma, acne, skin rashes, flaky itchy scalp and hair loss. To make the natural products that you need, it takes time and resources to procure natural ingredients, formulate it and in many cases requires a certain type of packaging to keep it fresh (like your fresh food, right?!).

Like I said, I’m natural and loving it because it is freedom – it’s easy to care for and I love the way my hair grows up and out which allows my scalp to breathe and cool especially during these hot summer months, whew! God designed us perfectly because our hair allows us to ventilate our body heat up and out of our bodies through our heads to keep us cool, especially our very important brains (think radiator coils right?).  This is a perfect design for the hot climates like the ones our forefathers were designed for.  Your hair needs special attention too. If you're in a humid climate, you may be dealing with frizz, if you're in a dryer climate, you may need extra moisture. Take time to find the right products for you and your families for the best results.

Now if you’re wearing extensions and weaves (wigs too), especially during the summer, you are going to sweat and air circulation may be minimal depending on your style so be sure to take care of your scalp and hair by using deep cleaning shampoos and conditioners more often than you would have to for your natural hair. For scalp itching, odors (which is a sign of bacteria) use this Scalp Tea TreeMint natural scalp spray regularly -- ‘cause sista, ain’t nobody trying to smell that, lol…for real! 

 As the care givers of our families, we need to make sure that our children and our men are being well taken care of. If you are dealing with children with slow growth, hair edges breakage around hairline or dryness and scalp flaking you need products formulated specifically for kids hair growth stages.  Guys can also benefit from hair growth products too so think about their hair growth needs this Fathers Day!

Curl Again Natural Hair Mainteance Growth for black african american men women children edges hairlines growth per year before and after one month 3 months 6 months one year


Be thankful and enjoy the gift of your God given beauty by taking care of your scalp and hair and if you’re transitioning enjoy the journey of discovering you. If I’ve brightened your day and you find this information useful, please share it with someone you love.

 You keep me going with your likes, shares, thumbs up, etc.  Please send me your comments or ask me questions below. You can also email me at  Love you much!

Have A Beautiful Day!

Rhonda, Your Healthy Hair Expert

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