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Natural Hair Styles for Kids Tips for Back To School Hair Care for Girls and Boys

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Moms summer is coming to an end and it's back to school time for the kids! Here's some tips for natural hair styles for kids whether baby be boy or girl, curls kinks briads or 4c with short hair.

Natural Hairstyles for kids with short hair braided 4c products for growth breakage dryness

Curl Again Kidz Natural Hair and Scalp Care Maintenance will get you and your little ones off to a great start. Here's some great paraben free natural hair products made with natural ingredients that come with a special Back To School bonus of a FREE Hair Moisturizing Lotion this month of August (while supplies last -- so snap yours up now!)

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You will enjoy the results and your little ones will appreciate how the Kidz line tames even the hardest, dryest, most unruly hair. Your childs hair will be soft manageable and moisturized. The natural ingredients encourage a healthy scalp and amazing hair growth.  Check out what other moms have to say:

Natural Hair Kids Braid Hairstyle Products for Boys and Girl Short 4c Growth BreakageNatural Hair Care Products for Black Kids Girls Boys Short 4C Braids Curl Again Kidz

Natural Hair Care Products for Black Kids Girls Boys Short 4C Braids Curl Again Kidz

Natural Hair Care Products for Black Kids Girls Boys Short 4C Braids Curl Again Kidz

Here's a few tips for back to school hair and scalp care for kids, children and babies too! Besides clothing, shoes, backpacks, classroom supplies - make sure you start early with a planned healthy hair and scalp care regimen you intend for your child to start the school year with. Usually that means taking down braids and getting hair cuts and new styles. 

Ashley Curl Again Kidz Natural Hair and Scalp Care (my baby girl back to school kindergarten picture - shes almost 20 now!!)

1.  Set Aside Time For Each Child - if you have more than one school aged child, you may be tempted to take them all at once to get their hair cut or styled. Big mistake...why? Your child wants and deserves your undivided attention. By scheduling time with each child your are letting them know that they are special and you care about them. It also prevents meltdowns caused by long waits.  

2) Determine if your child is capable of taking care of their own hair. If so, demonstrate how to take care of their hair and give them the right tools and products for their own particular hair and scalp care needs. Wide tooth combs and the right brushes are a must for curly natural hair. Be sure to include natural paraben free and sulfate free healthy products made just for their unique needs. If your child is still too young to take care of their own hair, set aside a time when you both are rested for grooming. Make it a special time for bonding. Encourage and compliment your childs efforts even though it may not result in what you had in mind. Remember...practice make perfect and patience perfects.

Curl Again Kidz Natural Hair and Scalp Care for Kidz NEW! Curl Again Kidz Natural Hair & Scalp Care Products  

3. Watch and listen for scalp soreness itching and irritation and itching.  Usually this is caused by soreness or inflammation due to too tight braiding.  It could also be a fungal or bacterial scalp infection. In either case, here's a product to immediately relieve these symptoms -  Scalp Tea TreeMint ! This wonderful effective natural spray tells your child that you hear them and that you care about them (this spray is A MUST FOR BRAIDS to prevent itching and tenderness!)...and...AVOID CHEMICALS!

(Hair Loss!!Toxic Overload on Scalp From Using Relaxer)

These few tips will get your family off to a great start this school year. With all the images that are shown to children it's important that their self image is positive. Teach them to develop healthy grooming habits. Talk to them about how beautiful their natural hair is and how they can do so many different things with it. Teach them to love themselves as God created them.

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