2022 Top 5 Curly Girl Problems & Solutions

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Did you know that we provide free natural hair consultations for our Curl Again family?  It's something that we are really proud of because it helps us to serve you better by providing the support and products you and your family need for a successful natural hair journey. Each year we answer hundreds of your questions and picked out some of the most common ones.  

Curl Again Blog Top 5 Questions Answered Naturally Curly Textured Hair Growth 2020

Here's our 2022 list of the Curl Again's Top 5 Questions (and Answers) Asked By Naturally Curly Hair Women that you asked us this past year.  (Some items contain affiliate links. If you buy something I may earn a small commission and I truly thank you in advance):

Q. - I'm so confused about what products to use when for my high and low porous hair. Does Curl Again have some thing for all types of hair?
- I'm glad you asked. Short Answer: YES!  We understand that our textured hair is wonderfully complex but surprising simple to maintain. The Curl Again  Natural Curly Hair System has five easy to use products to balance the hair so each strand gets what it needs without being too weighed down with oils and moisture or overly treated with proteins that can cause breakage! 

Curl Again Natural Hair Lifestyle Blog Curly Girl Textured Hair Problems

Q. - What’s the best way to prevent my hair from tangling at the ends?
  - Short Answer: Twist & Tie, Especially At Bedtime!  Before working with hair, make sure you have the right tools that fit your hand and hair like these game changing seamless combs and picks for hair.  Make sure you get the right size for the job.  I will always have a denman brush in my arsenal of detangling tools and prefer the smaller one for detangling smaller sections.  A balance of oil and moisture is important to keep hair lubricated during detangling. Apply this lightweight super slip Moisturizing Leave In to send those fairy knots flying away!  Now brace yourself -- you will need to style your hair before bed time!  I know it's can be the last thing you want to do -- so make it the first thing you do when you get home, right?!  Use the moisturizer and twist, braid, pin curl, pineapple, whatever you need and then tie it up with a comfy scarf or these stay on silk bonnets! This will protect your hair and help keep it from drying out and getting frizzy and matted over night.  You can thank me in the morning🙌🏽. 

Q. - What Kidz products can I use to get my 2 hair to grow??
 - There are many reasons for slow hair growth, bald spots and hair loss in children. Nutrition, illness, eczema, even tight braids and head bands! Make sure you resolve these issues. Curl Again Kidz products are also made fresh with safe healthy gentle and effective ingredients for children 3 years and up  as they are not tear free -- however, MANY PARENTS WITH CHILDREN OF ALL AGES USE CURL AGAIN KIDZ to heal and nourish their developing scalp and stimulate hair follicles for growth with amazing success!  Check out the reviews here.  For best results we recommend beginning with the 5 Piece Kidz Starter Set so that you have everything you need when you need it!

Q. -  How can I keep my type 4 textured hair from getting dull & lifeless? 
A. -  We  hear you and you are not alone! There are a number of reasons that hair can suddenly become uncooperative. Besides, changes in health, diet, stress, etc you may be experiencing the dreaded product buildup.  To get you curls back on the healthy track, order a bottle of this Clarifying Shampoo and make sure you use it every 6 weeks along with a good Deep Conditioner.  This removes the buildup, strengthens hair and restores curls to bounce back and maintain moistures and healthy shine, period!

Q. - Which one of your curl definers works best for 4c hair?
A. - Great Question.  We have a few different curl definers that tame frizz and elongates curls perfect for type 3 to type 4 curls!  We find that in the dryer climates (and winter) that the All In One Curl Definer  (with a creamy dreamy consistency of a "dessert" mousse, not sprayable) and the Creamy Flaxseed Definer are best sellers for a reason. They are medium weight rich and moisturizing, can be used all year round and are the answer for ladies with thick coarser hair.  Now, for you ladies with finer hair looser curls, and those that are looking for a lightweight solution especially in summer humidity, you'll want to try will want to get the that versatile Leave Detangling Moisturizer, Curl Gellie or The Real Flaxseed Gel (liquid gel, with natural emollients and humectants to keep it crunch free and lasts up to 6 months!). Both are lightweight, moisturizing and give hair shine! 

I know I can't address all the questions, but hopefully this will answer yours.  If not tell me...

What textured curly hair problems do you have?

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Your Curls Deserve The Best! 



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