Top 5 Questions & Answers Asked By Naturally Curly Hair Women 2020

Did you know that we provide free natural hair consultations for our Curl Again family?  It's something that we are really proud of because it helps us to serve you better by providing the support and products you and your family need for a successful natural hair journey. Each year we answer hundreds of your questions.

Curl Again Blog Top 5 Questions Answered Naturally Curly Textured Hair Growth 2020

Here's our 2020 list of the Top 5 Questions (and Answers) Asked By Naturally Curly Hair Women that you asked us last year:

Q. - What’s the best way to prevent my hair from tangling at the ends?
A.  - Kinky coily hair has a tendency to curl back on itself causing irritating fairy knots. A major factor is the lack of sebum at ends. Sebum is an oily substance produced by the scalp that provides lubrication and helps hair retain moisture. Before working with hair, apply a Leave In Detangling Moisturizer to that gives those ends slip and the moisture they need to send those fairy knot flying away!

Q. - My one year old’s hair won’t grow. Can I still use the Curl Again Kidz line?
A. - There are many reasons for slow hair growth, bald spots and hair loss in children. Nutrition, illness, eczema, even tight braids and head bands. Make sure you resolve these issues. The Kidz line is made fresh with safe healthy ingredients for children 3 years as they are not tear free-However, MANY children of all ages use our products that heal and nourish the scalp and stimulate hair growth with amazing success. For best results we recommend the 5 Piece Kidz Starter Set.

Q. - I live in N Carolina and I love the All In One Curl Definer. It really holds my curls and keeps my hair moisturized but in summer I found that my curls don’t hold as well and feel too wet. What do you recommend?
A. - We hear you and you are not alone! Humid climates provide natural moisture for hair on its own causing curls to become over saturated limp and frizzy. The answer to this is using Curl Gelle in high humidity climates. This clear med-firm hold gel made Fresh with Aloe Vera and glycerin and vitamins gives curly hair the right amount of moisture and nourishment it needs without weighing the hair down. The All In One Curl Definer is a rich creamy gel that gives dry hair long lasting moisture softness and hold for days. Keep both in your regimen because like the weather our hair needs change day by day! 

Creamy Curl Defining Gel for Black Textured Mixed Curly Dry Hair Curl Again All In One Riche Mousse Pudding

Q  - I’m ready to transition from the creamy crack to natural after 17 years. What do you recommend?
A. - Congratulations 🎉. First, Prepare yourself for a journey of self discovery, self love, and empowerment. Next find yourself a great natural hair stylist that can help you evaluate and (re-)learn more about your hair and scalp. They should also help you to determine if you want to gradually transition and suggest the right hairstyles (extensions, weaves) that fit your needs OR if you want to big chop! Finally visit our online store to pickup your Natural Hair Growth Starter Set that will help cleanse detoxify and heal your scalp, promote fast hair growth and styling products for your curly textured hair.

Q. - Where can I find a list of your ingredients?
A. - You will see ingredients listed online in the product description and on the products itself. Each product is made fresh when you order using high quality natural and naturally derived ingredients. Our proprietary blends are free from parabens silicones sulfates phthalates petroleum and cheap chemical fillers.

We enjoy hearing from you and look forward to chatting with you.  Feel free to send your comments and questions and pictures to me at  

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