Curl Again Natural Hair and Scalp Care Black Hair Growth Products

Curl Again Natural Hair and Scalp Care Black Hair Growth Products

Curl Again Natural Hair and Scalp Care Products designed to cleanse nourish detangle moisturize strengthen and define your natural wavy curly or kinky hair. Our products are made fresh especially for textured Type 4a 4b 4c and 3a 3b 3c hair. We use only high quality natural plant based ingredients and essential oils without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or cheap chemical fillers (you can read our labels).   afro hair with natural organic and cruelty free ingredients.

 Curl Again Leave In Moisturizing Detangler contains healthy paraben free essential oils aloe vera and conditioners to strengthen and nourish hair and make hair manageable and easily tame unruly manageable and tangle free for combing and styling.  You will love how this liquid it moisturizes hair in your LOC - LCO method (8 oz pump)

Our Hair and Scalp Cleanser effectively washes away buildup, debris from scalp and hair gently without the added chemicals suds and without stripping or over drying the scalp and hair like heavy shampoos. This pleasant natural liquid soap deep cleans and conditions hair and scalp leaving it moisturized, nourished, stronger, pliable, less prone to breakage and noticeably squeaky clean. (8 oz bottle)

Your hair is in for a moisturizing treat of natural goodness with the Conditioner.  Use this conditioner as needed for smoothing conditioner is perfect for hair that is prone to tangle and soften rough hair. Can be used as a pre-poo too! Sand prone to breakage and will soften hair, prevents frizz, deep moisturizes hair and scalp to nourish and strengthen hair from the inside out.  (8 oz bottle)

This Best Selling moisturizing light weight curl definer is rightly named All-In-One Riche MousseIt's formulated to add moisture and curl definition to all hair types without the buildup, stickiness and flaking. Use on damp hair or allow hair to semi-dry naturally then use to style your hair for the perfect wash-n-gos, twist outs and braids. Perfect for fine hair. You'll be amazed at how soft and defined your hair is after styling which makes this popular with our customers. (4 oz jar)

Hair Growth and Scalp Balm  This wonderful balm  protects, soothes and nourishes the scalp to stimulate hair growth with natural healthy ingredients. Just  apply to and massage in on clean scalp. Has essential oils to fight fungal and bacterial infections. Rosemary Pepperment and TeaTree Oil to stimulate hair follicle. Coconut Shea and Beeswax to strenghten, heal and protect. This medium weight (like frosting Medium weight natural oils are easily absorbed into hair without weighing it down with grease!  Will prevent dryness, tenderness, soreness and leave a healthy sheen on hair from the inside out! 4 oz jar, a little goes a long way.

Moms check out the NEW! Curl Again Kidz Natural Hair and Scalp Care Collection (you may want to even try some for yourself!)