Minding Our Business: What's NEW at Curl Again

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Dear Curl Again Family,

     One thing we all need these days is certainty.  We here at Curl Again need to be certain that we are making the right choices in our personal care products as well.

     This year, the COVID pandemic situation has really turned the beauty industry upside down.  We have been in the industry for 9 years now and have never seen this kind of shortage in supplies and ingredients here in the USA and globally.  We appreciate your patience as we've had to make adjustments in some of our packaging last month.  We're back on track now. 

     With these circumstances comes change, while uncomfortable, it can be a good thing.  Like you, we too here at Curl Again have taken this moment to look at our what we do, how we can do it and where we can make our products better for you.  We have examined our processes, partners and products and have made changes for the better.  

    Beginning this month, in May, we are adding some new products and making some formula changes that you all said you wanted and improving on the effectiveness of the ingredients we use in our products.

     Hair & Scalp Cleansers - we are adding a Clarifying Scalp & Hair Cleanser to our adults product line.  This new cleanser is formulated to breakdown dirt, sweat, pollution, product buildup, and sebum to leave the scalp and hair fresh squeaky clean and revitalized without stripping the hair. 

Natural Hair Clarifying Shampoo and Scalp Cleanser

     Our regular moisturizing Adult Shampoo will have more moisturizing effect with shea butter and oils and taming with panthenol (vitamin B).  

     Curl Again Kidz Scalp and Hair Cleanser will look and feel entirely different.  You all wanted a milder less fragrant creamier cleanser for you children.  The new Kidz Cleanser is just that!  We understand that some of our parents use the Kidz line on their children under 3 years of age and wondered if we would create a baby or tear-free product for their babies.  

     While the new formula is very mild and gentle and gets your little ones scalp and hair clean and nourished--it is not tear free.  Here's why:

     The ingredients to make a tear-free scalp and hair cleanser involves using chemicals that do no more than anesthetize the eyes, interfering with the normal tearing reaction that helps to protect the eyes.  We recommend as with all personal care products to avoid getting anything in your little ones eyes.

     All conditioners (adults and children) will see a slight change in lighter fragrances and more taming with vitamins and natural nutrients. 

     Above all we will make sure that Curl Again products continue to deliver the satisfaction you've come to expect from our premium products.  This means free from parabens, phtalates, sulfates, silicone, petroleum and microbes as well as harmful chemicals.  This is what you all have come to expect from Curl Again products and happily used for years -

      • Better Quality & Service
      • More Effective & Affordable
      • Faster Results and Delivery
      • Longer and Fuller Natural Hair

We will continue to deliver Better, More, Faster & Longer this going forward and invite you to transition with us over to the new formulas that we know you will love.

Curl Again Natural Hair Scalp Skin Care Clarifying Deep Clean Hair Growth Breakage Dandruff Eczema Kids Children Women Men Black Textured Curly Hair

You can pickup a generous 4 oz sampler sets of all the shampoos and conditioners (for adults and children) now through the end of July for just $8 per set (s/h/tax not included). When you receive your order you will receive a certificate to use towards a FULL SIZE set (one per family).

     Stay tuned throughout this month of May as we introduce our NEW MENS LINE and some great deals just in time to honor the men in our lives.

     We appreciate your trust and your loyalty family.  We continue to stand by you and our products with our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee this year and into the future. 

Love and Peace,