Rhonda DeYampert, Healthy Hair Expert


Rhonda is the owner and CEO of Curl Again a distribution company that specializes in supplying the professional black hair care market with healthy skin, scalp and hair products made by African-American micro-manufacturers. Rhonda entered the hair and beauty industry in 2011 when she began developing a cleaner for electrical hair styling tools.  The product, Curl Again, was named by her daughter Ashley who said it allows you to “curl your hair again” without all the buildup and odors.

In order to learn as much as she could about the hair industry, Rhonda contacted manufacturing companies and visited trade and beauty shows.  She spoke with countless professional cosmetologists, salon owners and their clients as well as friends and family to gain insight into the industry. Knowing that she had a lot of catching up to do, and being a voracious reader,  she read all she could find on the industry and began watching vloggers and videos including documentaries  by Aron Ranen (Black Hair Documentary) and Chris Rock (Good Hair) and Regina Kimbell (My Nappy Roots).  

Her quest for entry into the market, turned into a full-fledged investigation of the black hair care industry which she writes about in her soon to be published book, The Hair Love Affair. “My decision to write was made when I saw systematic problems in the African American hair care industry,” say Rhonda. “I was telling everyone about my findings and they were just amazed. I soon realized that this was a story more people needed to hear”.  The book is highly informative, entertaining and based on interviews, observations, facts, historical documentation, along with a good dose of common sense with a call to action.   “Anyone in the hair industry and should read The Hair Love Affair. Really, that’s just about everyone, right”?

In her book, Rhonda examines her own experiences growing up in the Chicago area and candidly examines her own beliefs and cultural values about hair.  When asked about the process of her first published writing effort, Rhonda recalls, “I’m an avid reader. I read everything.  Nothing beats a great book.  My first memories are a gift my aunt gave me of a huge picture dictionary. This is where I fell in love with the written word.  I put them together and learned how to read and write at an early age,” says Rhonda. “The Hair Love Affair is a gift to my readers. It comes from my heart and from a position of love”.

 A graduate of National-Louis University with a degree in Education complimented with a Masters in Psychology, Rhonda writes continuously as she reaches out to the public through her Curl Again blog with candor, common sense and wit. She freely shares her expert knowledge and wisdom with hair care professionals and the public about hair loss prevention, natural hair healthy hair care practices, product knowledge and minimizing exposure to chemicals.

Her passion for learning and optimal health extends to the classroom. “We have amazing resources available for professionals seeking training in areas important to them but are not normally included in their beauty school curriculum”, says Rhonda.  “The seminars we have for professional cosmetologists will allow them to take their skills to the next level, build and retain their clientele, and add revenue to their bottom line.  These classes are vital to their success as a cosmetologist, hair braiders, and or salon owner”, says Rhonda.  “We offer training by experienced professionals including special presentations by our manufacturers who range from at home chemists to celebrity stylists.

The Curl Again education team consists of a Wella award winning stylist and educator, Jamyla Griffin, who is also known as GotMyla, a beauty blogger. We also have a professional natural hair stylist, Jackie Thompson, former New York runway model, who now travels between her home base in Atlanta and Chicago to share her talents with professional seeking to learn about best practices in hair extensions, hair braiding and weaving.  

“Our classes and seminars are unique, because not only are we hands on and discuss theory, we look at behaviors, solutions and give practical advice,” says Rhonda who is a haircare expert, the company’s CEO,  and teaches  as a Curl Again educator.  “Education is the key to becoming an in demand professional cosmetologist and business owner”.   Professionals can register for class online or by calling the Curl Again Education Department at 888-755-2597, extension  2.