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Your natural hair is in for a nourishing moisturizing treat of natural goodness with Curl Again Natural Hair Growth and Scalp Care Cleanser and Conditioner. Add this pair to your natural hair maintenance  routine.

Cleanser - luxurious paraben free, sulfate free moisturizing penetrating shampoo helps to remove buildup (like oils and butters) on natural hair without stripping hair of its natural oils. Deep moisturizers for optimal condiioning To use: On detangled dry hair, apply directly to scalp, and massage work down hair shaft to ends. Rinse with warm water. This low pH cleanser contains hair loving aloe nourishing fats like  flaxseed oil, coconut oil, humectant glycerin, Vitamin B,  and essential oils of rosemary, peppermint and tea tree to encourge healthy scalp, gets rid of dandruff flaking itching and scaling to allow fast hair growth. Leaves scalp and hair deeply clean and moisturized with delicious citrus scent.  (Available in 8 oz or 16 oz)

Conditioner -  this super moisturizing citrusy blend of natural hair conditioning ingredients is a perfect complement to our cleanser. Made with healthy paraben phatalate free ingredents including aloe, sunflower seed, castor, flaxseed and coconut oils, for conditioning and strengthening without protein overload for sensitive hair types. Also contains, shea butter and smoothing ingredients to tame your mane into beautiful curls.  Adds softeness and smoothness to even the hardest hair types. Helps to detangle and strengthen areas of hair that are weak and prone to breakage. You will love how Curl Again softens hair, prevents frizz, deep moisturizes hair and scalp to nourish and strengthen hair from the inside out. To use: After washing hair apply to sections of hair, paying special attention to ends. Can leave on for as little as 5 minutes for light conditioning or up to 20 mins for weaker hair. (Available in 8 oz or 16 oz)

Curl Again Natural Hair Growth and Scalp Care Maintenance products contain healthy natural ingredients and essential oils like Rosemary Oil which is known to be natural DHT blockers which help prevent baldness alopecia in women and men. 

Paraben cruelty sulfate free & vegan ! Try these together with other Curl Again black natural hair care products for an at home diy remedy when you are in need of a good hair growth and regrowth product that works.  Made with natural moisturizers and essential oils that are perfect for curly kinky coil hair.


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