7 Piece Sanitizer Hospital Grade Disinfectant Kit Kills COVID 19 | Cot – Curl Again

7 Piece Sanitizer Hospital Grade Disinfectant Kit Kills COVID 19 | Cotton Towels, Vinyl Gloves, Corona Virus Disinfectant, Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer

$ 8.00 Regular price $ 10.00

This DISINFECTING 7 PIECE SANITIZING KIT with vinyl gloves, cotton cloths and hospital grade sanitizer also comes with a travel bottle of our moisturizing hand sanitizer. 

We’re really excited to offer you a powerful disinfectant used by hospitals proven to kill the Corona virus and many more microbes (did I say hospital grade?   We really pulled some chains and called in some favors to get this to you!!).   Each pack comes with:

1 - Travel Size Moisturizing Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer,
3 - Disposable High Quality Cotton Towels For Cleaning,
2 – Pairs of Protective Large Size Vinyl Gloves,
1 - 2 oz Bottle of Hospital Grade ForPro Disinfectant* = 2 GALLONS OF CLEANER🙌🏽

This 7 Piece Sanitizing Kit Is Just $5 and is available here .  There’s no limit on the number of kits (for now)  This is a MUST HAVE KIT for:

Teachers Returning To School
Remote Office Workers Returning Back To Work
Students Returning To Dorms
At Home For Your Family To Deep Clean

It’s just another way we choose to take better care of our family and yours.  Pickup one or more for church home office and for friends and family members.  We’re not limiting these kits which are available now while supplies last, so please don’t wait!

We love you, stay safe and stay healthy!

*ForPro Multi-Cide Hospital Grade Sanitizer & Disinfectant is the ONLY disinfectant, bactericidal, fungicide and virucidal cleaner you need as it is proven to KILL COVID-19.  This EPA registered and effective product can also be used against athlete’s foot fungus, black mold, Hepatitis B & C, HIV-1 and other virucidals. Up to 4X more powerful than other brands. The dilution rate is 1 oz. per gallon, so with each 2 oz bottle you get TWO GALLONS of product! Put in spray bottle to clean most surfaces (test before you use). For use by adults only and be sure to follow directions for dilution and application of the cleaner and keep all cleaning and personal care products out the reach of children and pets.