Bentonite Clay Detoxify Masque – Curl Again

Bentonite Clay Detoxify Masque

$ 18.99

Clarifying your hair and detoxing dry rough lifeless hair is a must. Curl Again Bentonite Clay Hair & Scalp Detoxifying Masque contain 3 different clays including moisturizing Rhassoul, smoothing Kaolin, and detoxify bentonite clays. Just add your favorite essential oils and liquid (water, acv or try aloe vera). This is the only thing you will need on wash day to clean and condition in one swoop! This amazing mixture of dry ingredients comes in an 8 oz (by volume)

Curl Again Natural Hair Bentonite Kaolin Clay Detox Scalp

 For centuries mud clay has been used to draw out impurities and toxins from hair and scalp leaving natural hair detangled soft and smooth like nothing else.

Comes in dry mixture of the triple goodness of bentonite kaolin and rhassoul clay.  Just add your favorite liquids and oils like aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, lavender, or olive and mix well til thick smoothe and spreadable.

Use on damp hair, cover with plastic cap to lock in heat and moisture. Can sit under dryer for added deep conditioning benefit. Do not let dry on hair.

Rinse thoroughly in shower (can use our scalp and hair clanser to help remove all teaces of clay).

This will tame your mane leaving your curls soft defined and free from buildup. feeling and looking like a you just won the mega millions! 

To use: Mix with liquide and apply to damp hair. Section hair in small parts. Apply from roots to ends of hair. Cover with plastic cap and let set for 20 to 30 minutes, do not let harden. Rinse throughly and style as usual. No need to shampoo before or condition after. This is a dry mixture and comes in 8 oz jar (by volume)

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